Wednesday, December 7

Parent Teacher Interviews And My Biggest Fans!

It was that time of year again. Parent teacher interviews. I always get nervous when it's time to meet the teachers my kids have. I always feel like I am about to get in trouble for something, or I need to explain my actions. "Sorry, I try to read with him every night..." or "I know his math could use some improvement..."

Luckily for me my children are really great and rather intelligent, good learners and have no trouble in a large classroom setting, so I always leave happy (shocked and unsure how such fantastic people ever came from me) but happy. 

I just start out nervous. 

When I went to the interviews this time it was the night my hot water tank was getting fixed, so to say I was distracted was a bit of an understatement. I arrived looking at my watch and felt like I needed to rush this as much as I could. I needed to get my hot water going!

yeah, he's a great reader, yup, he listens well to instructions, yup he is nice to everyone ...yup yup yup yup...

During the last visit, I was trying to hurry when Gabe's teacher pulled out his art binder, which is my favorite part, and she showed me this, I slowed right down and just sat there and smiled.

She told me that she had asked the children to draw a picture of their house in the fall. I started to chuckle to myself.

He is so proud of me. Man that feels good. There is no better feeling in the world than to be loved by a child!


I am grateful for the circle of friends I have that help me and support me. Being a single parent to four children is not easy, and there are times that I struggle. I have a strong personality and I find it challenging to accept help, but the people who know me best can see through that and help anyway. Thank you. Thank you for loving me, and serving me. Thank you for texting me or sending an email even just to say hi, I'm thinking about you.  Thank you for knowing what I need when I don't tell you, and thank you for always being there. I love you. I have the best friends in the word!

I am grateful for how calm I feel when I bake. 

I am grateful for how comfortable I am feeling at work. I feel accepted and like I am fitting in more and more. 

I am grateful for good quality hand lotion, my fingers and arms are so dry this time of year. 

I am grateful for my children. They are wonderful and I am one lucky woman! 


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TheRealSlimKatie said...

They are wonderful, because YOU are wonderful!! Give yourself some credit, Mom!! ♥