Monday, December 5

Nora's First Polygraph, and Music Tuesday.

Seth went out for the day with his Grandparents this past weekend. It is a beautiful tradition that Grandma and Grandpa have with the kids. They take them out for the whole day when it's their birthday and do whatever the Birthday boy or girl wants, plus they get to pick a gift.

Seth's birthday was last month, but because of some things that had come up the birthday weekend was a little later. Seth was so excited to show me his spoils from the day.

Seth got a watch. But this is no ordinary watch, this watch has night vision, audio and visual recording capabilities, and, if you can believe this..a polygraph app.

I am a little dumbfounded to be honest. I am not sure what shocks me more; the fact that it has this ability or that he needed it today.

Ethan and Gabe have fish in their room. And today I was watching a few of Melanie's kids. Nora and Mels boy R have been known to get into a bit of trouble when they are together, and today was no exception. When the boys got home from school they found that the entire bottle of fish food had been dumped into the tank. Furious the boys came storming up the stairs demanding answers from Nora. Rapid fire questions with little time for the girl to answer went on for a bit with no one getting the answers they wanted. Then out of nowhere Seth yells, "Hold on a sec. guys!" and he runs upstairs and gets his watch.

He turns it on (I did not know what was going on at this moment) points it at Nora's face and asks, "Did you dump the food in?"
Nora answers the same question "No!"

Seth stares at his watch like it's about to spit out lotto numbers...

and up pops this!

 93% truth!? Seriously? What the heck kind of kids toy is this anyway? I just giggled to myself while I watched the boys ease up on poor Nora. The relief on her face was priceless. She lives to see another day!!!

For music Monday/Tuesday I have a few picks I found using my Shazam app on my phone. I can't remember if I posted them already, so here goes!

Have a great week everyone, and may none of your water tanks blow!


I am grateful for the pine smell all throughout my house.

I am grateful for editing help with my blog.

I am grateful for comforting music.



Monika Crowfoot said...

hahaha, norah's polygraph. that is classic.

Melissa Haavind said...

I had a good laugh! That's a really neat watch ;)