Wednesday, December 14

My First Day Recording In Jonny's Studio

On Wednesdays I go into the radio station for a few things. I normally do an air check (the boss picks a segment of the previous weekends shows, listens to what Chris and I did, then we talk about how we can improve) there is also a host meeting after air checks. 

Today I got to add to my Wednesday by going  into producer Jonny's office and recording studio and do my first recording for segments that will play over the Christmas break. It was me singing jingle bells. It sounded like garbage, and it was awesome! 

Jonny in the booth showing me how it all works, because most of the time the people he works with have an education in this sort of thing...not me! 
The Mic

I was pretty excited, I look like an idiot but my life was threatened and I was forbidden from removing this picture. 

This is what I see when looking out of the booth. 

Me singing Jingle bells. 

Jonny's Lego Batmobile on his desk. Also on his desk was the rolling stone magazine that he was getting signed today that I touched...he was very kind not to yell. 

After everyone sang, Jonny does all the editing and makes them sound  half decent. 

Thank you for smiling Jonny!

It was such a fun thing to do, I can not wait to hear it on the air over Christmas and boxing day! 


I am grateful for Charity who always watches Nora on Wednesdays so I can go do my thing at the radio!!! I LOVE YA LADY!!! 

I am grateful for the new things I learn to do at the radio. 

I am grateful for a full tank of gas! 


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Tanya said...

I just think it is so amazing that you were given the opportunity to work on the radio without the background. How awesome is that? If you never told us I would never know because you are just awesome on air.