Tuesday, December 20

My Day Of Kisses And High Fives.

Meet Gord.

Gord is one of the guys who came in this past weekend for the Chris and Joelle awkward family photos. Gord is 6'8" and when he came in all he asked me to do was give him a high five....

With his already 6'8" body, when he put his hand up it made him almost a full... really  REALLY TALL!!
So I took a running start and reached the best I could, but I did it!

Here are a few of the awkward pictures that were taken 102.3 nowradio

On Sunday we had a huge prize to give away, so all day people would com into the studio, say hi, kiss or high-five Chris and I, and that would get them entered to win this mystery box (I got 3 kisses from guys and 1 from a lady!!...Chris got none). And they were on my cheeks.

Tara was our winner. We gave her $200. She was so sweet.

 Have I mentioned how much I love working there.

I am grateful for Chris. He is such a great guy and I feel very lucky to get to work with him
Even though he is camera shy.

I am grateful for people who support me, and don't even know me.

I am grateful that I am ready for Christmas.


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