Sunday, December 18

Music Monday And Sams Birthday Food.

This past weekend was our dinner out for Sam's birthday. No celebration would ever be complete with us if there was not food involved. We have wanted to try this pizza place for a while now, and thus seemed as good a time as any!

We went to Famoso an authentic Italian pizzeria and it was sensational! We ordered (like always) way more food than three people need, so we could try a bunch of things, and it was worth every stretched out inch of stomach space!

This was the Mediterranean dip. 

The top picture is mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto in red sauce. Bottom picture is what was voted Edmonton's best tomato soup. And yes, I agreed with its ranking!  

Our pizza was fantastic! (The straw was Deans addition for the picture)

Dessert was nuttella pizza with bananas and whip cream!

It was another splendid evening full of exceptional food and good friends!

Happy birthday Sam!

For Music Monday, I found these songs this weekend and loved them instantly!

I love the beat to this one, its so fun. 

I love Lily Allen, and this one is just awesome!

Amy Winehouse, just love you darling! 

Ingrid Michaelson is one of my personal favorites, the lyrics for this one are SENSATIONAL!!!! 


I am grateful for Sleep. Saturday night I slept 13 hours!!! 

I am grateful for a clean house. 

I am grateful for the Christmas season.



Tanya said...

Mmmmm I love Famoso!

Leah said...

Yum!! I've been meaning to try that place, so now I definitely will!
Happy Birthday to Sam!