Monday, December 19

Disturbing Christmas videos!

Merry Christmas everyone! I am not exactly sure which one of these videos will be more disturbing for you to watch this holiday season, so I am giving them to you to decided!

There is a house in my town that has done this, and I think it is super cool. I want to do it one year, maybe not to Sexy and I know it, but I love the idea.

This is the video Jonny made that went with us singing Jingle bells the other day, I'm really sorry everyone! I sound horrific, I am no singer!

This one is a little more holiday appropriate. I think this is so beautiful!

These videos are of Crash and Mars. The morning show duo for NOW radio. They are hilarious! For Christmas this year Mars decided to teach Crash Christmas carols. It was one of my most favorite things that happened this week at the station.

It has been a really fun week. and I am so excited for Christmas.


I am grateful for the generosity of others towards me the last two days. Thank you for your kindness and your loving gifts. Thank you for thinking about me and the children this holiday season. It is touching to be the recipient of such love! And may I just say thank you for the calendar of the men....seriously BEST GIFT EVER!!!

I am grateful for the new friendships I make with total strangers.

I am grateful for how good it feels to cook and bake. Such a stress reliever!



Amy said...

I'm Sexy and I Know It!!!! Awesome!

Tanya said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Princess Leah said...

Merry Christmas darlin'!! Thank YOU for all the joy and hilarity you provide all year long!!

Natasha said...

So, basically, what NOW Radio is saying is that when you all are not singing obnoxious Christmas songs, you are performing at Shakespearean festivals? ;-P

The Halloween-Christmas house is kind of amazing. I mean, pretty sophisticated in a garish way. Can't wait to show the kids. The other one with the trees was pretty. You'd love the Butchart Gardens fireworks.

Mel said...

might I just say, you look great in the video... ;) Merry Christmas!