Tuesday, December 13

The Craziness I Love

I am not sure if I have ever explained what I do when I go the the radio station before. I am Chris's co-host and that is just chatting away in between songs and commercials (easy stuff) the other part of my job is answering texts and phone calls. It's one of the parts I enjoy the most. I love talking with people and I especially enjoy communicating to as many as possible.  The conversations I have with listeners are real and honest. We will chat about absolutely anything they want.  I have texted with people having relationship troubles, people who have just lost a loved one, sick people, newly married, people out in their tractors working their fields. Everybody in a variety of situations. 
I just love it, plain and simple! 

This past weekend while I was on the air and answering texts I received this text and it threw me off for a few minutes, I could not stop giggling. It might be, to date, the weirdest text I have gotten....

I laughed to myself all the way home. I am still laughing.

I love what I do!! 

The other thing that happened this weekend that was fun was the kids came in and got to see where I work. They loved being in the control room and Fitz put them on air and run the board. They were so thrilled. 

I can't wait until the weekend when I get to go back! 


I am grateful I am feeling a little better today. 

I am grateful I was able to get some Christmas shopping done. 

And lastly..
I am grateful for my friend Sam. It is her Birthday today! Have a wonderful day!!!!


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