Monday, November 14

Why Children Are Better Than T.V.

Today was fall break for my kids, so they get to stay home a few extra days which I love. Because I now work weekends, I never get to have full days with them anymore, so these two extra days allow me a few special days to play and laugh with them.
Like most days I spend with them, today I was laughing an awful lot. It's been a lazy day, my truck is getting fixed so we have not been able to get out of the house, forcing the children to do things "old school" as they say, and use their imaginations playing with toys.

While I am bumming around cleaning, I try to stay out of sight and  listen to the kids interacting with each other. They are all so funny and have really great comedic timing (for which I am completely and fully taking ALL the credit) here are a few of the gems from today.

While the boys were playing some sort of war/gun game downstairs, I overheard one gun fight that resulted in Seth getting shot. He was upset and started to cry, then I heard Gabe say. "It's okay Seth, every assassin gets shot in their face at least once. And seriously, if they can't handle it, why are they in that line of work"?

Later we were putting away all the clothes they took with them to spend time with Drew this weekend. I had all the kids grab their own clothes and go put them away. Gabe turns to me and actually says.
"Just leave it, mom will put it away later." Shocked, I am staring at him and say, "Umm you know I AM the mom, right?" He giggles and says, "Ooh you were not suppose to hear that."

Ethan was over by the front door straightening the shoes. After a few minutes I was over beside him hanging jackets in the closet. He says, "Mom it's gross over here. It smells like feet."

Then,  my absolute favorite thing of the day was when I asked the boys to help clean Nora's room. They were up there for about 10 minutes cleaning. Later they all went and played downstairs, leaving Nora in her room to play. After about 20 minutes, Gabe went back upstairs for something and I heard him say to Nora, "WHAT? I just cleaned this room, and you made it dirty already! Do you think I have nothing better to do with my day then constantly clean up after you"? (I was actually crying I am laughing so hard now while listening.) Then he said "My time is important too Nora. I have people to kill today and I can't keep picking up Barbie."


I am grateful for healthy and creative children who keep me laughing.

I am grateful for Tom who fixed my truck today.

I am grateful for sleep.



TheRealSlimKatie said...

Oh, Joelle!!! Your kids are so funny!!! I'm gonna use that line... "I have people to kill today, and I can't keep picking up Barbie!" A TRUE GEM!!! hahahaha Thanks for the laugh. I really needed that today! (^_^)

Princess Leah said...

Too. Freaking. Funny.
Your kids are hilarious!!