Monday, November 21

When You Are Magical In The Eyes Of Children.

Today was a hard day.
My back really hurts, pretty much all the time actually. And now that I am doing it without painkillers makes me a tad grouchy. I can normally deal with things OK until about noon, then I can't seem to fake a smile any longer. 

I had to pick the boys up from school to rush them into the city to get checked over by the doctor then had to rush them back so I could go to my physio appointment. I love physio, but the IMS needles sometimes get the better of me and my rapidly depleting good mood. 

When I get home from Physio I am counting down the hours until bedtime. Because I do not have the luxury of going to bed when I get home, I still get to go grocery shopping, cook, clean and shovel the walk, do laundry and parent. 

It's safe to assume that my mood continues to tumble down the proverbial hill ass over tea kettle and by 7:30 I might not exactly resemble Mary #@$&*^% Poppins anymore. 

I make it a habit of tucking the children into bed, singing them their Special Angel song and sitting on their bed and talking with them for a few minutes. 
Tonight the song was on fast forward and so was the chitchat....That was until I got to Seth's room to say goodnight.

Seth was sitting up in his bed, sparkling eyes, ready to hear his song sang to him in my rap version (the kids pick which genera I sing to them). 

After the song, I kissed his forehead and tried to hurry things along so I could get to my relaxing, when he looked up at me and said, "I am really excited about my Birthday"

Being rather self absorbed today, I actually had not given it much thought. His cake is ordered, and I know what his gift is but the details were a blur. It is on Wednesday too. 

So I said,  Well, what do you want to do for it?
And that's when he gave me an emotional left hook when he said, 

"I don't care, I just know it will be wonderful (said with a huge grin and sparkling eyes)" then he finishes me off with the upper cut ," I always look forward to the special things you do for my Birthday mom, that's one of the ways I know you love me so much"

Yup, that's me, KO'd on the floor there...just step over me if you don't mind. 

So now it's 10 pm, and I am no longer thinking about my back. Now I am am making homemade chocolate lollipops for his class as their special treat for Seth's birthday. Because that adorable kid thinks I am special and is excited just thinking about what I am going to do. So I assure you, I will not be disappointing him. His little Birthday is going to be so special that even Martha Stewart will be taking notes! 

So I gotta go, and be magical for that little boy. 


I am grateful for the wonder of children. 

I am grateful taking initiative. 

I am grateful for busy days that finally do end. 



Anonymous said...

Thank you for that Joelle, Im having one of those days . My 8 yr old had me up at 5 am, I run a day home with 5 kids , while my two are at school You just put my bad day into perspective. Its nice to know other moms are going through the same bad days. Thank you , Thank you I know where your coming from doing everything on your own. We just have those days where we think were going crazy.
Looking forward to more of your blogs

Princess leah said...

Oh my gosh!!
SO sweet!
Tears in my eyes!
Happy Birthday to Seth! Thanks for being such a super boy!
XO Leah

TheRealSlimKatie said...

I just love you and your kids to pieces!! ♥