Tuesday, November 15

Revamping My Bucket List.

I have been thinking about my bucket list tonight, now that I have crossed off so many thing on it with my trip to London and Italy. I (after a suggestion form a friend) now try to add something new once something was crossed off.

Go to London England
-Eat at Jamie Olivers  restaurant (his fish pie)
-Meet Mr. Oliver because he happens to be there, he takes me on a tour of his kitchen and I get a picture with him
-Get a picture taken with the Queens guard

-Go to a castle

Go to Italy
-Dance with a complete stranger (also make out with said stranger.. kidding... kinda)

Things I want to eat:
-Collard greens
-Pizza in Naples
-Benyas in New Orleans
-Pub food in a pub in London
-Seafood linguine with real octopus
-Eat real mozzarella cheese

The things I have decided to now add to my Bucket List are:

-Go whale watching in the ocean on a boat and see the largest animal in the world in its own habitat. 

-Take my children on a vacation where they will need their passports. Let them swim with Dolphins while we are there.

-Go back to Italy. Stay in Sperlonga and Fondi and take the train down to Naples. 

-Learn how to run the board at the radio station.

-Go to NFR in Les Vegas.
Actually I would love to just go to to Vegas for any reason actually. 

-Catch a lobster while in the East coast.

-Make a cheese cake from scratch.

-Learn to make Mozzarella cheese.

-Spend a day with my Grandmother and learn to make perogies. 

-Go on a trip with my brother Dawson, or do the Amazing Race with him. 

I think this is pretty good for now. I'll add more later. 



I am grateful for sleep. 

I am grateful anger goes away with sleep. 

I am grateful for the ability I have to work and provide. 


Monika Crowfoot said...

you are awesome. i need to start writing down my bucket list. what is the nfr? also, you may need to add - go to the navajo reservation with monika and learn how to make frybread and eat a traditional meal of roast mutton. ;) while we are there - i will also help you cross off that cheesecake and mozzarella making stuff. love ya.

Princess Leah said...

I had to laugh about your wish to take your children to a place where they need passports. I watched 19kids and counting last night where all of them plus a few more flew to Edinburgh, and wow! What organization!! Although I know your crew is only 4, not 19, I just had to laugh!!
PS Thanks for the suggestion, I am now working on my own bucket list...its getting good!!