Thursday, November 24

No Heat

This morning 30 minutes after I got up the power went out in the house. It made for a very interesting day because today was my day to do laundry and bake. Yes, I guess I could have washed the clothes by hand and baked over an open flame, I know I know, I'm just lazy...

An hour after the power went out the house temp had dropped 2 degrees and I was worried about the crabs.
After 2 hours it dropped another 2 degrees and I was being forced to actually spend time with Nora doing "old school" parenting techniques like reading and playing with her instead of just letting her sit in front of the TV all day. Who does that anymore?

After 3 hours I was pretty sure one of the crabs had died and I was so cold I had 2 sweaters on and warm pants, Nora was wrapped in a blanket too. It was 17 degrees, it was like being in my parents house, only they actually put it at that temp on purpose. It's like a cryogenic lab there.

I was feeling a little put out and annoyed with the events (or lack there of) during my day. All I really wanted was a hot shower and to be warm.

That was until I watched this video.

After watching this, I was no longer complaining about my day. I will go without heat for a few hours  happily if this NEVER EVER happens to me EVER!!!

Sigh... I am no longer bummed out. I am actually singing and dancing and feeling rather delighted about my house NOT being this way!

My favorite part of the video is when she says "Ooh I'm gonna throw up".



I am grateful the crab did not die. I was pretty sure it had after it got so cold in here, but I dropped some water on it and it moved a little, so I think its OK.

I am grateful for my dear friend Paige. She is getting married this weekend and I am really happy for her! You deserve all the happiness in the world you sweet lady! He is a good and very lucky man!

I am grateful for laughing and how it fills my bucket and refreshes my soul!


Amy said...

"Oh my gosh!" Good thing they only had a small bag of flour!

6 Hollow Legs said...

Oh my gosh, It's like a snowman puked all over my living room.
Bahahahaha! Thanks for posting this. I would have sat down and cried. It sure puts things in perspective.

sharon said...

Your blog posts make me smile!! particularly 'It was 17 degrees, it was like being in my parents house, only they actually put it at that temp on purpose'. I can so relate to this!!!

Tanya said...

LOL! I love that the kids don't have an inkling that they were bad and the fact they got the flour so high up. She is a better woman than me I think I would lose my mind.

Glad to hear you still have crabs. :)