Monday, November 28

My Day Of Vomit

My children are sick, and like always it is a tag team event, them against me. Most often they win!

This time was like every other, one barfs then the next one barfs and so on. 
Then before you know it my house smells, there is a stack of laundry to the roof, I have not showered for 2 days and after the children finally go to bed I am in the fetal position rocking back and forth mumbling something about pretty birds. 

So, ya, It was a great day. Can't wait for tomorrow. Flu season is always an exciting time. 


I am grateful for Charity! Thank you for surprising us with dinner tonight, let me tell you it was delicious. Just so you know, it did not look as good when it came back up later in the evening. 

I am grateful for the working vacuum I got to borrow today so I could clean my area rug.  

I an grateful for children s Tylenol and Gravol. 



Monika Crowfoot said...

:( barf is never fun. sorry. miss you!

Percy2626 said...

Do you have cans of Canada Dry Ginger Ale for those kinds of days? Ginger is good for settling the stomach and as a bonus, if it doesn't work fast enough, it tastes good the second time too!!! :D Hope you are feeling better today.