Sunday, November 27

Music Monday With New Stuff.

One of the things I love the most about working at the radio station is all the new music that comes across Chris's desk. Chris is one of the people at NOW radio that decides what music goes on our regular play rotation, so because I get to work with him he lets me listen to the new things that are brought to his attention.

There have been a few new songs that we play that I absolutely love right now. Most of the time when I am working Chris and I will chat on air, then when a song comes on we take our headphones off and turn down the music so we can continue talking. Except for these songs, when these songs play I keep my headphones on and sing to.

I hope you enjoy them.

Yesterday Fitzy and I were talking about relationships and this song came up, so we played it. Some of you I think will love it as much as I did!

Then to make this Music Monday ever more Bi-polar. I found this song this week at Starbucks, it was one of their free songs.

I have a pretty exciting week ahead of me, I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone!


I am grateful for peanut M&M's an popcorn. Mixed together they are delicious!

I am grateful for the beautiful weather this week. 

I am grateful for Karma! 



Charity said...

I agree! Nibs and Popcorn are also a fantastic mix! :)

Princess Leah said...

REALLY love your music monday today, thanks!
And looking forward to hearing your good karma/news!