Thursday, November 17

I Clearly Need To Spank My Children More.

Tonight while I was putting Nora back in her bed for the 7th time. I said in a voice of complete frustration, "do you want a spank?"
She giggled and said, not now mommy but tomorrow I will definitely take one of those! 

How am I supposed to stay annoyed after that?

Later on in the evening while I was writing, Ethan came upstairs and triumphantly showed me the tooth he just pulled out from his bottom jaw. 
I said, well done! Did it hurt? 
He said, "No, I just said to myself, "be a man , you can do this!" And then I ripped it out! 
You should have seen his smile, and how proud he was of himself. 

I giggled again. What a great kid!


ooh one more addition to the Bucket List. See Ingrid Michaelson in concert. 


I am grateful for Physio Guy, thank you my friend. You always know how to make me feel better. I hate those damn needles you use, but they do the trick. I will see you again soon.

I am grateful for music. 

I am grateful for days when all you do is eat. 

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