Monday, November 7

A Great Day To Get Paint Balled.

I had a great day. I really did. I was not feeling fantastic this morning, my throat is sore and I have a cough but it's nothing to complain about. I just wore warm clothes and a scarf. I cleaned the house and did laundry. I have been trying to keep myself busy, my mind busy. So this afternoon Nora and I went to the mall to look around and spend some time together. It was a nice day. I took her to the new Disney store where she tried on crowns. She can be such a crazy girl, but I tell ya, she is such a good girl in that store. Not once did she have a fit, she was more then content to walk away from the stuff , she just needed to try every crown on first. I did not mind one bit either! Every girl needs to try on crowns! 

Later, the kids and I watched How to Train a Dragon and ate sushi. We had a nice quiet night. I have been listening to music sent to me by friends, then my door bell rang. 

When I opened my door I was flooded with crisp cold air that made me shiver so hard it hurt my sore back muscles. She asked if I knew my truck had been paint balled? Umm no, I did not know that. 

So I followed her outside to asses the damage. 

Nice! thanks you little creeps! Guess I am going to wash my truck first thing in the morning. These jerks egg my truck too. Actually once they got Natasha's car when she had come to visit. 

You are lucky I am in such a good mood today or I would....I ....ya there is nothing I can do. 



I am grateful for the nice lady who told me about me truck. 

I am grateful for friends who worry about me:) 

I am grateful for pretty scarves and sweaters. 



Tanya said...

That is super crappy about the egging and paintballing. Thumbs down to the parent who let their teen have a paintball gun and does not supervise it's use. I hope you feel better soon.

Natasha said...

Even after I paid for a premium car wash, there was still egg on the car. But I didn't mind because I was days away from selling it to my ex-husband. :-P

Glad you had a good day. xo. I ate sushi last night, too. Wish it was with you.