Thursday, November 10

Doing things alone

So, I am alone most of the time now. Once the children go to bed, I only have myself to talk with and quite frankly I am boring as Hell. 

I was funny at first, but the jokes are lame after you hear them three or four times. Honestly, get some new material. 

Movies are what keeps me sane at night. I see why people leave the T.V. on all day for their dogs. 

I try to read but get bored of that too. So I just shred the books to pieces. 

I am an idiot:)


I am grateful for the wonderful people at work who are making me feel so welcome at the station. Sigh...I absolutely love it there. 

I am grateful tonight was opening night for the CFR!!! Man I love Rodeo. 

I am grateful for learning to be happy, content and at peace with being alone. 



Percy2626 said...

Looks like it's time to start that quilt on your bucket list!!! Or call all your old friends to chat. :D

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Joelle, you are one tough cookie. I believe not matter what life throws your way, you will conquer it and be better for it!! I'm super glad you had such a wonderful trip. Don't worry about being alone..... Better to have loved and lost than to have loved and loved and loved and loved, without getting loved back, the way you deserve. Your romeo is out there somewhere. You've probably already met him..... ♥