Wednesday, November 23

The Day I Got Crabs.

The day I got crabs started out innocently enough. I was headed into the city, the only place to get quality crabs around here. West Edmonton Mall, to be exact. 

I know. Most people don't seek out crabs. Why would any sane person WANT crabs?

Because I've been a bit lonely lately and because I'm inexperienced and because it's best making stupid decisions with someone else, I invited a friend to come with me.

My friend Ryan (we will call him Ryan to protect his identity) came with me. Ryan, being an expert in the field of crabs, made me less nervous. He was great at explaining what to expect and how to care for them. I am grateful my first time with crabs was so pleasant and borderline enjoyable. He even showed me how to hold them and helped name them. What a gentleman.

Their names, respectfully, Kermit the Hermit 

And Shelly...

 Then to make my Seth's 7th birthday over the top special I had my dear friend Amanda make these adorable cupcake for him.

Seth had a wonderful night and loved everything, especially the crabs!


I am grateful for left over crepes that fed me at midnight. 

I am grateful for My beautiful children. 

I am grateful for the endless crab jokes that have been going an all day. 


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