Sunday, November 20

Cupcakes and Music Monday.

The weeks feel like they take forever to get through and the weekends blow by so fast. I enjoy my time at the station so much, it's my escape form being lonely and bored all week. Saturday morning feels like years away, then I blink and it's Sunday night.

Nobody said life was fair did they?

Friday night Sam, Charity and I went to Braking Dawn part 1 of the Twilight series. It was fantastic. I am not embarrassed to admit I watch the movies and read the books. I actually sat in this line up for over an hour just to get into the theater.

After we were finished the movie and Sam drove me home, she blew through a red light and we got pulled over.

To be honest I was shocked that the police officer did not giver her a ticket. He asked where we were tonight and when we told him that we had seen twilight he told us his wife was going too. He said he did not want to ruin our fun night out. So he warned her and sent us on home. Very cool!

On Sunday, when Chris, Fitzy and I were doing the show some ladies came in and brought cupcakes for us. We each got 6 in our own special box and everything. They were fantastic!

It was another fun weekend doing the stuff that I enjoy.

For this Music Monday I have a few songs I was given this week that I just loved, so of course, I want to share them with you.

I am grateful that this radio thing is my constant. I love having something to look forward to every week. It gets me through the long lonely weekdays.

I am grateful goat cheese with figs in it.

I am grateful for warm slippers on cold days. (There are some great ones at payless)


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