Wednesday, November 16

Back To The Old Drawing Board.

Today was not such a great day. It started off well enough, but went on a rather sharp decline as the day went on.
I hurt my back yesterday. It was silly, but the damage is done. I tried to pretend I could tough through it all day yesterday and then again today, but I am only fooling myself.

So I called Physio Guy and have an appointment first thing in the morning. UGH.... I am not excited about IMS again. (That is my friend Melanie in the video)

I am off to bed, to rest up for my morning of torture and hell mixed with laughing and tears. Ill let you all know tomorrow how the needles feel again. I am sure they have gotten more comfortable since I last had them.



I am grateful for comfortable pants.

I am grateful for how good it feels to pay my bills.

I am grateful for clean sheets.

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