Tuesday, November 29

When All I Can Do Is Laugh.

It is almost midnight right now and I am exhausted! Truly to the bone I am knackered.  I have had such a horrible day that all I can do right now is sit on the computer chair and laugh. I am listening to music, writing this and laughing. 

I am laughing so hard I am scaring myself. I can not see the screen very well and I think I just spit a little. 

On top of the sick children I have littered all over this house of mine, tonight I was putting the children to bed and I heard a funny noise downstairs, so of course I went to check it out. 

This was the proverbial icing I found to top my cake of a day.

I'll explain what this is to the untrained eye. This is my blown hot water tank that flooded a room in my basement. So tomorrow I am getting a new hot water tank....MERRY CHRISTMAS ME!!!!

Ooh you shouldn't have, how did you know it's exactly what I wanted? :) 

I am laughing again...honestly, I even just snorted! 


I am grateful for hard times, and hard things. I enjoy the pressure of difficulty, it reminds me how strong I am and how I can do anything. 

I am grateful for Sam bringing me stuff for my soup tonight. Thanks Lady! 

I am grateful for music and how it calms me. 


Monday, November 28

My Day Of Vomit

My children are sick, and like always it is a tag team event, them against me. Most often they win!

This time was like every other, one barfs then the next one barfs and so on. 
Then before you know it my house smells, there is a stack of laundry to the roof, I have not showered for 2 days and after the children finally go to bed I am in the fetal position rocking back and forth mumbling something about pretty birds. 

So, ya, It was a great day. Can't wait for tomorrow. Flu season is always an exciting time. 


I am grateful for Charity! Thank you for surprising us with dinner tonight, let me tell you it was delicious. Just so you know, it did not look as good when it came back up later in the evening. 

I am grateful for the working vacuum I got to borrow today so I could clean my area rug.  

I an grateful for children s Tylenol and Gravol. 


Sunday, November 27

Music Monday With New Stuff.

One of the things I love the most about working at the radio station is all the new music that comes across Chris's desk. Chris is one of the people at NOW radio that decides what music goes on our regular play rotation, so because I get to work with him he lets me listen to the new things that are brought to his attention.

There have been a few new songs that we play that I absolutely love right now. Most of the time when I am working Chris and I will chat on air, then when a song comes on we take our headphones off and turn down the music so we can continue talking. Except for these songs, when these songs play I keep my headphones on and sing to.

I hope you enjoy them.

Yesterday Fitzy and I were talking about relationships and this song came up, so we played it. Some of you I think will love it as much as I did!

Then to make this Music Monday ever more Bi-polar. I found this song this week at Starbucks, it was one of their free songs.

I have a pretty exciting week ahead of me, I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone!


I am grateful for peanut M&M's an popcorn. Mixed together they are delicious!

I am grateful for the beautiful weather this week. 

I am grateful for Karma! 


Thursday, November 24

No Heat

This morning 30 minutes after I got up the power went out in the house. It made for a very interesting day because today was my day to do laundry and bake. Yes, I guess I could have washed the clothes by hand and baked over an open flame, I know I know, I'm just lazy...

An hour after the power went out the house temp had dropped 2 degrees and I was worried about the crabs.
After 2 hours it dropped another 2 degrees and I was being forced to actually spend time with Nora doing "old school" parenting techniques like reading and playing with her instead of just letting her sit in front of the TV all day. Who does that anymore?

After 3 hours I was pretty sure one of the crabs had died and I was so cold I had 2 sweaters on and warm pants, Nora was wrapped in a blanket too. It was 17 degrees, it was like being in my parents house, only they actually put it at that temp on purpose. It's like a cryogenic lab there.

I was feeling a little put out and annoyed with the events (or lack there of) during my day. All I really wanted was a hot shower and to be warm.

That was until I watched this video.

After watching this, I was no longer complaining about my day. I will go without heat for a few hours  happily if this NEVER EVER happens to me EVER!!!

Sigh... I am no longer bummed out. I am actually singing and dancing and feeling rather delighted about my house NOT being this way!

My favorite part of the video is when she says "Ooh I'm gonna throw up".



I am grateful the crab did not die. I was pretty sure it had after it got so cold in here, but I dropped some water on it and it moved a little, so I think its OK.

I am grateful for my dear friend Paige. She is getting married this weekend and I am really happy for her! You deserve all the happiness in the world you sweet lady! He is a good and very lucky man!

I am grateful for laughing and how it fills my bucket and refreshes my soul!

Wednesday, November 23

The Day I Got Crabs.

The day I got crabs started out innocently enough. I was headed into the city, the only place to get quality crabs around here. West Edmonton Mall, to be exact. 

I know. Most people don't seek out crabs. Why would any sane person WANT crabs?

Because I've been a bit lonely lately and because I'm inexperienced and because it's best making stupid decisions with someone else, I invited a friend to come with me.

My friend Ryan (we will call him Ryan to protect his identity) came with me. Ryan, being an expert in the field of crabs, made me less nervous. He was great at explaining what to expect and how to care for them. I am grateful my first time with crabs was so pleasant and borderline enjoyable. He even showed me how to hold them and helped name them. What a gentleman.

Their names, respectfully, Kermit the Hermit 

And Shelly...

 Then to make my Seth's 7th birthday over the top special I had my dear friend Amanda make these adorable cupcake for him.

Seth had a wonderful night and loved everything, especially the crabs!


I am grateful for left over crepes that fed me at midnight. 

I am grateful for My beautiful children. 

I am grateful for the endless crab jokes that have been going an all day. 


Happy Birthday Seth!

Today is my baby boys 7th Birthday and I think I am having a bit of an emotional day.

I have been thinking about how far this little creature has come and all he has achieved in his few short years here on earth. Seth is an inspirational child and I am a fortunate person to know him. I get the privileged of watching this amazing child who is so full of life grow to become the astounding man he will inevitably one day be.

Seth I love you.

Monday, November 21

When You Are Magical In The Eyes Of Children.

Today was a hard day.
My back really hurts, pretty much all the time actually. And now that I am doing it without painkillers makes me a tad grouchy. I can normally deal with things OK until about noon, then I can't seem to fake a smile any longer. 

I had to pick the boys up from school to rush them into the city to get checked over by the doctor then had to rush them back so I could go to my physio appointment. I love physio, but the IMS needles sometimes get the better of me and my rapidly depleting good mood. 

When I get home from Physio I am counting down the hours until bedtime. Because I do not have the luxury of going to bed when I get home, I still get to go grocery shopping, cook, clean and shovel the walk, do laundry and parent. 

It's safe to assume that my mood continues to tumble down the proverbial hill ass over tea kettle and by 7:30 I might not exactly resemble Mary #@$&*^% Poppins anymore. 

I make it a habit of tucking the children into bed, singing them their Special Angel song and sitting on their bed and talking with them for a few minutes. 
Tonight the song was on fast forward and so was the chitchat....That was until I got to Seth's room to say goodnight.

Seth was sitting up in his bed, sparkling eyes, ready to hear his song sang to him in my rap version (the kids pick which genera I sing to them). 

After the song, I kissed his forehead and tried to hurry things along so I could get to my relaxing, when he looked up at me and said, "I am really excited about my Birthday"

Being rather self absorbed today, I actually had not given it much thought. His cake is ordered, and I know what his gift is but the details were a blur. It is on Wednesday too. 

So I said,  Well, what do you want to do for it?
And that's when he gave me an emotional left hook when he said, 

"I don't care, I just know it will be wonderful (said with a huge grin and sparkling eyes)" then he finishes me off with the upper cut ," I always look forward to the special things you do for my Birthday mom, that's one of the ways I know you love me so much"

Yup, that's me, KO'd on the floor there...just step over me if you don't mind. 

So now it's 10 pm, and I am no longer thinking about my back. Now I am am making homemade chocolate lollipops for his class as their special treat for Seth's birthday. Because that adorable kid thinks I am special and is excited just thinking about what I am going to do. So I assure you, I will not be disappointing him. His little Birthday is going to be so special that even Martha Stewart will be taking notes! 

So I gotta go, and be magical for that little boy. 


I am grateful for the wonder of children. 

I am grateful taking initiative. 

I am grateful for busy days that finally do end. 


Sunday, November 20

Cupcakes and Music Monday.

The weeks feel like they take forever to get through and the weekends blow by so fast. I enjoy my time at the station so much, it's my escape form being lonely and bored all week. Saturday morning feels like years away, then I blink and it's Sunday night.

Nobody said life was fair did they?

Friday night Sam, Charity and I went to Braking Dawn part 1 of the Twilight series. It was fantastic. I am not embarrassed to admit I watch the movies and read the books. I actually sat in this line up for over an hour just to get into the theater.

After we were finished the movie and Sam drove me home, she blew through a red light and we got pulled over.

To be honest I was shocked that the police officer did not giver her a ticket. He asked where we were tonight and when we told him that we had seen twilight he told us his wife was going too. He said he did not want to ruin our fun night out. So he warned her and sent us on home. Very cool!

On Sunday, when Chris, Fitzy and I were doing the show some ladies came in and brought cupcakes for us. We each got 6 in our own special box and everything. They were fantastic!

It was another fun weekend doing the stuff that I enjoy.

For this Music Monday I have a few songs I was given this week that I just loved, so of course, I want to share them with you.

I am grateful that this radio thing is my constant. I love having something to look forward to every week. It gets me through the long lonely weekdays.

I am grateful goat cheese with figs in it.

I am grateful for warm slippers on cold days. (There are some great ones at payless)


Saturday, November 19

Whew..that was close!

Tonight we went to Twilight, ya ya ya laugh all you want, I loved it!
On the way home Sam got pulled over by a police officer because she did not stop at the lights before turning.
There was a part of me that wanted to say "search her officer, shes got lots to hide" But I didn't.
He let her off after we told him we just came back from Twilight.

Thank you Edward for helping us out tonight.
You are my hero!


I am grateful tomorrow is a radio day!!!

I am grateful for warm jackets.

I am grateful for good friends!


Thursday, November 17

I Clearly Need To Spank My Children More.

Tonight while I was putting Nora back in her bed for the 7th time. I said in a voice of complete frustration, "do you want a spank?"
She giggled and said, not now mommy but tomorrow I will definitely take one of those! 

How am I supposed to stay annoyed after that?

Later on in the evening while I was writing, Ethan came upstairs and triumphantly showed me the tooth he just pulled out from his bottom jaw. 
I said, well done! Did it hurt? 
He said, "No, I just said to myself, "be a man , you can do this!" And then I ripped it out! 
You should have seen his smile, and how proud he was of himself. 

I giggled again. What a great kid!


ooh one more addition to the Bucket List. See Ingrid Michaelson in concert. 


I am grateful for Physio Guy, thank you my friend. You always know how to make me feel better. I hate those damn needles you use, but they do the trick. I will see you again soon.

I am grateful for music. 

I am grateful for days when all you do is eat. 

Wednesday, November 16

Back To The Old Drawing Board.

Today was not such a great day. It started off well enough, but went on a rather sharp decline as the day went on.
I hurt my back yesterday. It was silly, but the damage is done. I tried to pretend I could tough through it all day yesterday and then again today, but I am only fooling myself.

So I called Physio Guy and have an appointment first thing in the morning. UGH.... I am not excited about IMS again. (That is my friend Melanie in the video)

I am off to bed, to rest up for my morning of torture and hell mixed with laughing and tears. Ill let you all know tomorrow how the needles feel again. I am sure they have gotten more comfortable since I last had them.



I am grateful for comfortable pants.

I am grateful for how good it feels to pay my bills.

I am grateful for clean sheets.

Tuesday, November 15

Revamping My Bucket List.

I have been thinking about my bucket list tonight, now that I have crossed off so many thing on it with my trip to London and Italy. I (after a suggestion form a friend) now try to add something new once something was crossed off.

Go to London England
-Eat at Jamie Olivers  restaurant (his fish pie)
-Meet Mr. Oliver because he happens to be there, he takes me on a tour of his kitchen and I get a picture with him
-Get a picture taken with the Queens guard

-Go to a castle

Go to Italy
-Dance with a complete stranger (also make out with said stranger.. kidding... kinda)

Things I want to eat:
-Collard greens
-Pizza in Naples
-Benyas in New Orleans
-Pub food in a pub in London
-Seafood linguine with real octopus
-Eat real mozzarella cheese

The things I have decided to now add to my Bucket List are:

-Go whale watching in the ocean on a boat and see the largest animal in the world in its own habitat. 

-Take my children on a vacation where they will need their passports. Let them swim with Dolphins while we are there.

-Go back to Italy. Stay in Sperlonga and Fondi and take the train down to Naples. 

-Learn how to run the board at the radio station.

-Go to NFR in Les Vegas.
Actually I would love to just go to to Vegas for any reason actually. 

-Catch a lobster while in the East coast.

-Make a cheese cake from scratch.

-Learn to make Mozzarella cheese.

-Spend a day with my Grandmother and learn to make perogies. 

-Go on a trip with my brother Dawson, or do the Amazing Race with him. 

I think this is pretty good for now. I'll add more later. 



I am grateful for sleep. 

I am grateful anger goes away with sleep. 

I am grateful for the ability I have to work and provide. 

Monday, November 14

Why Children Are Better Than T.V.

Today was fall break for my kids, so they get to stay home a few extra days which I love. Because I now work weekends, I never get to have full days with them anymore, so these two extra days allow me a few special days to play and laugh with them.
Like most days I spend with them, today I was laughing an awful lot. It's been a lazy day, my truck is getting fixed so we have not been able to get out of the house, forcing the children to do things "old school" as they say, and use their imaginations playing with toys.

While I am bumming around cleaning, I try to stay out of sight and  listen to the kids interacting with each other. They are all so funny and have really great comedic timing (for which I am completely and fully taking ALL the credit) here are a few of the gems from today.

While the boys were playing some sort of war/gun game downstairs, I overheard one gun fight that resulted in Seth getting shot. He was upset and started to cry, then I heard Gabe say. "It's okay Seth, every assassin gets shot in their face at least once. And seriously, if they can't handle it, why are they in that line of work"?

Later we were putting away all the clothes they took with them to spend time with Drew this weekend. I had all the kids grab their own clothes and go put them away. Gabe turns to me and actually says.
"Just leave it, mom will put it away later." Shocked, I am staring at him and say, "Umm you know I AM the mom, right?" He giggles and says, "Ooh you were not suppose to hear that."

Ethan was over by the front door straightening the shoes. After a few minutes I was over beside him hanging jackets in the closet. He says, "Mom it's gross over here. It smells like feet."

Then,  my absolute favorite thing of the day was when I asked the boys to help clean Nora's room. They were up there for about 10 minutes cleaning. Later they all went and played downstairs, leaving Nora in her room to play. After about 20 minutes, Gabe went back upstairs for something and I heard him say to Nora, "WHAT? I just cleaned this room, and you made it dirty already! Do you think I have nothing better to do with my day then constantly clean up after you"? (I was actually crying I am laughing so hard now while listening.) Then he said "My time is important too Nora. I have people to kill today and I can't keep picking up Barbie."


I am grateful for healthy and creative children who keep me laughing.

I am grateful for Tom who fixed my truck today.

I am grateful for sleep.


Sunday, November 13

Anonymous presents full of love.

I am exhausted tonight. I have not slept well the last few days and it is catching up with me. I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I am going to end up crashing and sleeping for 14 hours or I will have a psychotic episode. It's a crap shoot as to which will happen first, but exciting either way! 

While I was sitting here, writing my blog for Music Monday the doorbell rang. It startled me a little, but I got up and walked to the door and opened it. (Cause that's what you do in case you didn't know)
When I opened it no one was there, which actually threw me off a bit because I am so tired it took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on. 
I could see a girl running in the opposite direction for my house, then I looked down. 

On my step I found this cute little box filled with cookies with a sweet note telling me I am thought of and loved. 
Sigh...Thank you! That was really wonderful. I have been feeling a little lonely the last few weeks, so this was well timed. 

For this Music Monday I decided to do something a little different. I wanted to explain a few things about how and where I find my music that I post on here to share with everyone. (I was asked a little while ago, and never did answer)

I love sharing music with people and I love when people share good songs they have heard with me. That is one of the ways I find new stuff. 
I also have the Shazam app on my iPhone and use it when I am in a store and a song I like the beat to is playing. I hit my Shazam button and I have another song to share. 

Another is every time I go to Starbucks I pick up one of the little cards that offers you a free song to down load from i tunes. 
I always take them because it's like opening a present, you never know if its going to be really fantastic like the new leather boots you have been admiring in the window or if it will stink like the itchy sweater that is too small and has a snowman on the front. 

Today I am sharing some of the songs I found from Starbucks cards, always worth grabbing FYI!! 

I am grateful the CFR is over. I love it so, but I am really tired. 

I am grateful for such a wonderful weekend with dear friends. 

I am grateful for fall break and getting to spend two more days with my kids before school resumes. 


Thursday, November 10

I Promise To Never Forget!

I promise to teach my children that you gave so much. And they will remember too.
Thank you for allowing me the freedoms to be such a fortunate woman in this world. I am allowed so much because of what you gave. My daughter will one day thank you too, and she will mean it because I will tech her that others are not so lucky.
My Granddaughters will thank you too. I promise to make sure of it.

Thank you.


Doing things alone

So, I am alone most of the time now. Once the children go to bed, I only have myself to talk with and quite frankly I am boring as Hell. 

I was funny at first, but the jokes are lame after you hear them three or four times. Honestly, get some new material. 

Movies are what keeps me sane at night. I see why people leave the T.V. on all day for their dogs. 

I try to read but get bored of that too. So I just shred the books to pieces. 

I am an idiot:)


I am grateful for the wonderful people at work who are making me feel so welcome at the station. Sigh...I absolutely love it there. 

I am grateful tonight was opening night for the CFR!!! Man I love Rodeo. 

I am grateful for learning to be happy, content and at peace with being alone. 


Tuesday, November 8

I am grateful


I am grateful for the staff meeting I had today which was actually a huge THANK YOU party. It made me feel good.

I am grateful for getting to talk to a woman about babies today.

I am grateful for vicks vapo rub.

I am grateful for cold cereal at 11 pm.

I am grateful for the CFR tomorrow night!!!!!


Monday, November 7

A Great Day To Get Paint Balled.

I had a great day. I really did. I was not feeling fantastic this morning, my throat is sore and I have a cough but it's nothing to complain about. I just wore warm clothes and a scarf. I cleaned the house and did laundry. I have been trying to keep myself busy, my mind busy. So this afternoon Nora and I went to the mall to look around and spend some time together. It was a nice day. I took her to the new Disney store where she tried on crowns. She can be such a crazy girl, but I tell ya, she is such a good girl in that store. Not once did she have a fit, she was more then content to walk away from the stuff , she just needed to try every crown on first. I did not mind one bit either! Every girl needs to try on crowns! 

Later, the kids and I watched How to Train a Dragon and ate sushi. We had a nice quiet night. I have been listening to music sent to me by friends, then my door bell rang. 

When I opened my door I was flooded with crisp cold air that made me shiver so hard it hurt my sore back muscles. She asked if I knew my truck had been paint balled? Umm no, I did not know that. 

So I followed her outside to asses the damage. 

Nice! thanks you little creeps! Guess I am going to wash my truck first thing in the morning. These jerks egg my truck too. Actually once they got Natasha's car when she had come to visit. 

You are lucky I am in such a good mood today or I would....I ....ya there is nothing I can do. 



I am grateful for the nice lady who told me about me truck. 

I am grateful for friends who worry about me:) 

I am grateful for pretty scarves and sweaters. 


Sunday, November 6

Happy Burning A "Guy" In A Bon Fire Day!

This weekend I was invited out to the Brits house to celebrate Guy Fawkes day. In a nut shell, Guy Fawks was a lunatic who tried to blow up the King of England and parliament. His attempt was foiled and so as his punishment the British burned him.
I heard more about him on my tour of the Tower of London but these are the basics.
 So every November 5 the British celebrate by having HUGE bonfires and burning the "Guy" they built out of straw and old clothes. We spent a few hours building the fire pit in the afternoon and hauling wood before we lit it up. We even had fireworks. It was kind of disturbing  mixed with fresh air and good fun/food/conversation. It was a great night! 

I love history of all kinds and this is no exception.

Guy Fawkes Day Poem

Traditional British
Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot ;
I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes,
'Twas his intent.
To blow up the King and the Parliament.
Three score barrels of powder below.
Poor old England to overthrow.
By God's providence he was catch'd,
With a dark lantern and burning match
Holloa boys, Holloa boys, let the bells ring
Holloa boys, Holloa boys, God save the King!
Hip hip Hoorah !
Hip hip Hoorah !
A penny loaf to feed ol'Pope,
A farthing cheese to choke him.
A pint of beer to rinse it down,
A faggot of sticks to burn him.
Burn him in a tub of tar,'
Burn him like a blazing star.
Burn his body from his head,
Then we'll say: ol'Pope is dead.

The night was so beautiful. I love being outside and working. What a nice change to not have snow yet!

Sadly the picture does not show accurately how huge this sucker  was. I was standing about 20 feet back and my face was burning. 

This disturbing image was after Dean threw in Guy. (Sorry if it is upsetting to anyone)

After we burned our make shift criminal we played with sparklers. 

My favorite British Lala playing with sparklers. 

This bad boy was stumbled on by Father English, he used a rake to cook all the marshmallows. Pretty much as awesome as they come.

I called it quits rather early. I was starting to not feel great and I wanted to sleep. I love radio days and needed to feel good for Sundays show. 

For this Music Monday I have a few things I have found I want to share. 

Last weekend Chris and I got to call Carley Rae Jepsen and talk to her about her new single Maybe. She told us about filming her video and how she got to hand pick a Calvin Klein model for it...ugh nice!
She was such a sweet girl, and of course being Canadian I will support her! I bought the song off iTunes right after the interview. 

Today at the station a person Texted in requesting this song, I really like it. 

I was told about this song today too. I really like this one! Very catchy. Great songs!

And lastly this one, what a wonderful feel good song. It would get you out of any bad mood!

I am grateful this weekend is the CFR!!!!!    It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

I am grateful for my friends. 

I am grateful for Healthy children. 


Wednesday, November 2

The Yellow Brick Road To Type II diabetes.

All the candy collected by my sweet children. 

Hello Alberta Health Care System. I am just wondering if I could reserve a spot in your Type II Diabetes clinic for next month. My children were out on Halloween and I am confident I am going to need them.

I am pretty sure my children are all going through withdrawals right now, so we might be arriving via ambulance.



I am grateful for the new jeans I got today. I needed something to wear after the 10 pounds I collected in the UK.

I am grateful for service, and how it makes me forget about my own problems.

I am grateful for auto correct.

Tuesday, November 1

Okay, I'm ready to tell you about Italy.

Some times things happen in your life that change you. You cross over a proverbial bridge and once you do you can never go back. Not that the bridge is bad, but it changes your life's direction in such a way that you can't go back even if you wanted to.

NOW radio was one of those bridges for me. When that happened (the boss reading my blog an offering me a shot at a job, then me getting the job and now I am a radio host...in a nut shell)  I started to see myself differently, so differently in fact there was no way I could ever go back to seeing myself the way I did before. Things made more sense to me. I felt like my personal abilities and the direction I should go in life were finally merging together. Like the plans the universe had for me were finally coming to fruition.
In a matter of days, even my life dreams changed. I was dreaming bigger, and setting higher goals for myself. I started to believe I could do anything. It was a good bridge for me to cross, a bridge I am and forever will be grateful for.

Italy was another one of those bridges for me. I really don't know why and to be honest I am not even sure what happened to make me feel so differently, but I do. Being in Italy changed me a little. It's been a week now and I still choke up when I try to look at the pictures. My heart beats faster when I think about Italy. Writing this helps.  

 While I walked up and down the streets I was in aw of everything. The buildings, people, food and the landscape. It was all surreal and  (like my friend Tasha described when she was there) it's like walking in a postcard.

The Brits and I flew to Italy very early Tuesday morning and spent the day in Rome.We ate lunch (the sandwich was horrible) at the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II,  saw the Colosseum and walked down some of the most picturesque streets in the world. As we walked most of the time all I could do was hold Sam or Deans backpack to be lead around. I was uninterested in watching for cars (which BTW will hit you and not even bat an eye). The best I could do was be lead, walking in complete awe looking at everything. My focus was staying in the moment, not thinking about anything other then the fact I was in Italy and memorizing everything I was seeing. 

A few things I noticed:
-Italian men are very very well dressed, even the older men seemed to all look really put together. 
-The weather in Italy (this time of year) was cold for them. It was 23 degrees while we were there. Yikes, I know, just freezing!
OOH MY HECK I was sweating like a pig, yet the Italians were all wearing sweaters and scarves and (no word of a lie) 3/4 length winter jackets.
-There is rather small cars in Italy. All tiny. 
-Everyone wears the most sensational sunglasses. 
-And everything is beautiful, EVERYTHING!

In the afternoon we caught a train and went south to a town called Fondi where Sam's family lives. Her father has a house in Fondi so we stayed there. Fondi is half way between Rome and Naples. I fell asleep the second the train started to move. I was so tired from getting up at 4am to fly that an hour long nap was greatly appreciated.

When we arrived we got to shower and clean up a bit before dinner. It was so hot out that I needed to cool off and freshen up. After we all got ready we walked down the street to go order pizza. What a joy it was watching pizza being made in Italy. Sigh....

Eating dinner was almost a stimulant overload for me. The pizza/food was incredible and the atmosphere was relaxing and humble. That mixed with everyone speaking Italian was beyond heavenly. The life style in Italy seems more simple. Less rushed, people seem to enjoy life day to day where here I think more people endure the day to day to enjoy their 3 weeks holiday in the summer. Meals are very big in Italy, serving food is a pleasure and much pleasure is derived from the food. Where here I find people cut corners with food, not allowing it to be what it can.

 During the meal Sam would translate for me once in a while when her family would ask me a question, or when everyone was laughing at a joke in an attempt to not have me feel left out of the conversation. But I didn't mind. I was loving the feeling of vulnerability mixed with complete elation. I liked being quiet, it does not happen that often for me. I could have sat there and listened to Italian all night, not understanding anything and been more than content. I loved it!

After dinner Sam's cousin took us to go have a special treat. They are doughnuts (freshly made and still warm) then they pump it full of nutella. It was really really good. We ate our treats while walking around the piazza. Again, I walked in silence, listening to my Brits chat with the cousins in Italian, it has become one of  my happy places.

After the walk in Fondi, we drove to a small beach town called Sperlonga. We got out and walked up and down the alleys of peoples homes. This is where I found it almost impossible to take everything in. Sperlonga is like the most perfect dream, it's almost hard to believe people live there in such beauty, such tranquil surroundings next to the ocean. How are some people so fortunate. Do they know how fortunate they are? All I could do was take pictures, because no one would believe me how exquisite this place is. How could I ever do this place justice? 

Wednesday morning in Fondi we went for a walk in the rain. It is a quaint and beautiful town. There is a Castle just down from the house we stayed at, so you can imagine how horrible that was for me. Walking up and down the cobblestone streets was so simple yet breathtaking. I didn't even mind that my feet were soaking wet from all the rain. It didn't even matter.
After our rain walk, we ate lunch with Sam's family again before catching the train back to Rome for more sight seeing.

Here are the pictures from my 2 magical days in Italy sorry they are not in order. 

Very early Tuesday morning on our flight to Italy. I was a tad excited. 

I could see the glow from Rome on the plane.

All the cars are so tiny there. I kept giggling to myself how monstrous my Yukon would be there. 

This guy was standing at this door, and I was staring at him from the bus I was on (we took a bus from the airport into town). He noticed I was staring at him, so he lifted his glasses to look at me, so I maturely stuck my tongue out at him

One of the many beautiful buildings

Vespas and motorcycles were everywhere. It was so wonderful. I even saw a Ducati shop. It was magnificent to see all those beautiful bikes. I even found a red one for me.  

Such a lovely fountain, right in the middle of a very lively part of town. 

So beautiful.

Everything was done with such detail. Buildings are no longer done with such attention anymore. Really, not much is

Just walking around. 

Sam explained that as Rome tries to fix and better the city, the city will excavate  areas to build and find more ruins from old Rome. Which then halts construction. It is so wonderful seeing how it has lasted even after so much time. 

Monument to Victor Emmanuel II. This is what I was looking at eating that awful sandwich.  It was the nicest  place I have eaten lunch in my whole life.

Inside the monument.

My eyes were covered and I was led up to this spot. What a breathtaking reveal. 

I love the vegetation that grows on homes like this. Apparently it's really bad for the building, but I like how it looks. 

Sigh....the Colosseum. 

Honestly, I have no words.

Built in 70 AD!!! And it is still here. 

Okay, I should explain that we look like we do because it was really hot and my hair was awful. 

I think this is one of my top 10 pictures from Italy. These are the Trinita dei Monti , The Spanish Steps. 

Statues like this were on the corners of most streets. I think all corners need  things like this. 

Loved all the water fountains everywhere. 

Fontana di Trevi. It was built in 1735. You make a wish and throw a coin in. I thought about my wish for a while and then I threw in my coin. Actually I made a couple of wishes. 

Again, not the best hair, but what can you do?

This is the stone oven our pizza was cooked in. 


This is the Piazza in Fondi. Piazza means Square. 

The Castle at the end of the street. It was quite lovely. 
The fountain in the square.

Such beautiful streets. 

This is the view from the room I stayed in at Sam's dads place. 

This is the back garden of the house. 

Yup, they have a lemon and lime tree in their back yard. 

The pergola that the grapes hang from over top of the table you eat at in the back  garden. 

Wednesday morning walk in the rain. That is Sam under the red umbrella. 

One of my other favorite pictures. 

The last thing we did before we flew back to London was have Gelato. I could eat this all day every day. I won't but I could. 

  As is my custom...

Dear Italy, 

I came to you with little to no expectation, and you blew me away. I am forever grateful for that. You took my breath away from the moment I stepped off that plane and not once did you return it.  You moved me in a way I still do not comprehend, thank you. Your alluring grandeur has me hungering for more. I look at pictures of you and my insides swell and eyes become blurred.  You're devastatingly beautiful, and I will return. I know that like I know the sun will rise tomorrow. My soul can hear and feel you calling for me and I will listen. 

I will tell everyone of you! Everyone needs to experience you at least once in this life. You are a must. 

Whispered ever so softly into your ear, 

Ti amo Itay, ti amo. 



I am grateful.