Tuesday, October 18

On the Plane...

Sitting on an airplane, 8 hours is a long flight.Not as long as 24 but it's long for me. 
I'm sitting by a guy who pees every 10 minutes, HONESTLY BUDDY, stop drinking water then! The fact that I/we are situated right beside the washroom has its pros and cons. 

pro: I don't have to make a scene every time I pee and sir "baby bladder" I'm beside doesn't have to walk far. 
con: Smell.....enough said. 

I am excited beyond words, and can hardly sit still. 
I need to try and sleep. 

Talk soon


I am grateful for the moon pillows, makes this easier to try and sleep. 

I am grateful for music and Ellen's new book to help pass the time. 

I am grateful for comfortable lulu lemon clothes! 

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