Wednesday, October 12

My first Interview with a band...

This past Monday (Thanksgiving) I got to interview the band The New Cities. I was looking forward to meeting them, their song Heatwave is catchy, I like it. I would not say I am a huge fan or anything, but I was looking forward to doing a good job. Remember I'm new at the station, everyone there has oodles and oodles of experience. They have all met famous people, visited with bands, gone to (I am sure ) hundreds of concerts. So this stuff is just their everyday. That is not the case for me. 
Like in any new job, the newest member needs to prove themselves a bit, and I am the same.

I was looking forward to doing a really good job, with the single thing I was asked to do. Video tape the interview/song the band was going to preform.
Easy! I can manage that. All Sunday I was playing with the camera so I knew exactly how to use it, I was figuring out the best place to stand for the shot. After a few tries and questions to Chris and Fitzy, I felt confident I could pull this off.

Monday came! The interview was at 2 pm, and the band was to arrive around 1:45. Right before they arrived Chris and I discussed the complex setting of the studio (with all the bras everywhere) and thought it was best I just video the song. (Okay, I can do that)

 When they all got to the studio I found myself rather calm. They were nice guys, all very young and friendly. The first thing they said to me after shaking my hand was "can we get a coffee?"
Right, Coffee. I can do that.
So I ran upstairs and got mugs, and helped everyone make something to drink. I visited with them and we chatted a bit about the tour. It was nice.

When it was time to return to the studio everyone took their places and the interview began. I go the camera ready and waited for them to play their song. But had not started recording yet...

When they got ready to sing, the band manager said to me, "sorry, you are not allowed to tape them singing"
WHAT?? SO I missed the interview, and I can't tape them singing. I began to sweat! And I felt this dull ache in my stomach.
Well done Joelle! The one thing you had to do...pft!

So I started taking still shots that were okay at best. ugh....not great though.

The other thing I learned during this interview is to turn off your texting screen while a band is playing. The screen I use to answer all the texts was up (why would I think to turn it off?)
The problem with this is when a band is playing live, and maybe people are not enjoying how they sound, the listeners will text how much they are NOT enjoying the music clear as day for the band to see/read while they are performing.


All in all it was a good day of learning. No one called to yell after, so I live to see another day! I will just not make eye contact with anyone from work for a while. That will work right?


I am grateful for new bed sheets.

I am grateful for learning experience, growth is always good. As is humble pie, it often tastes bad and hard to choke down but always good for you. 

I am grateful 6 DAYS LEFT!!! I am getting so very excited!

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