Wednesday, October 5

My Bucket List dinner party.

In August I had mentioned a few times that I was having a dinner party for a few of my dear friends. I have wanted to have this dinner party for some time. I have dreamed about hosting an evening where I could cook and entertain without help, and do it as a gift for my friends so they could feel how much I love them. What better way to show love, then to fill their bellies and say nice things about them. 

I worked for weeks and weeks on every last detail. I wanted it to be perfect. With the exception of a few hiccups (one of which got me a free dress from Anthropologie because they kept messing up my table clothes, so to keep me happy they told me to pick a dress) things went rather smoothly! The weather was absolutely perfect and so was the company! A few people were unable to make it, but I will do this again soon, and they can come then. 

Two of my guests were photographers, and sent me the pictures that were taken of the was everything I hoped it would be. The night even ended in a game of basketball, so obviously it was perfect!

These were the menus I had made, they were at everyone's spot. 

I did not serve Jam, but I did make the jam myself, and I also picked the berries. They held the place cards so everyone knew where to sit.
This is the goat cheese, strawberry salad with sugared nuts and prosciutto with vinaigrette dressing. 

Mel was organizing the meat and cheese tray for me.

Bruschetta, one of the most perfect things ever invented. 

Smoked Prosciutto wrapped around Asparagus, the second most perfect thing ever!

The evening was wonderful, we all talked and laughed and played Bocci until the clock struck midnight.
Thank you my dear friends for coming to my party. Thank you for allowing me to feed you and show you, the best way I know how, that I love you so very very much. Your friendship, love and support matters so much to me. I am a lucky girl to have people like you in my life!

I have already starting planning for the next one!


I am grateful that my back and my ankle no longer hurt. I was thinking about Physio Guy today and realized how long it has been since I saw him last. Thank you for fixing my broken-ness so well!

I am grateful the laundry does not seem to be reproducing at the rapid rate it often does. 

I am grateful it's only 12 more days!


TheRealSlimKatie said...

Okay, at the risk of sounding like a dumba$$, what are Prosciutto and Bruschetta? I'm looking at the pics and can't tell what's what, but it look soooooo goood!! You eat some interesting stuff!! Glad you all had a good time! ♥

J said...

Okay Honey, that is not a dumb question...Prosciutto is a cured ham. When cooked like this (around asparagus) it cooks like bacon. Bruschetta is a tomato, garlic Olive oil, and basil and its cut up into little pieces and served on Toast. Its wonderful, and I can't wait for you to come back to Alberta to visit your family. YOU ARE GOING TO BE OVER HERE FOR DINNER SO I CAN FEED YOU:)

Sam and/or Monika said...

That was a fun night - sorry we had to leave rather quickly. Hopefully we can move closer and have more fun times.