Sunday, October 30

Music Monday from London.

I have been home for one full day and it has been a rather long day. I woke up wide awake at 3 am, because for the last 10 days 3am here, is 10 am in London. Ugh...Jet lag sucks.

For this music Monday I am going to do it like the one I did on my trip to NYC. This music Monday is the sounds of London. I wanted to do this when I was there, but the Internet was rough and my dell mini was very trying to use.

While the Brits and I toured around seeing all the sights, there were people everywhere doing something to earn money. This man was playing for a group of school children while they danced. I love bagpipes and the children looked like they were having such a fun time.

While we were out shopping one evening these guys were filling the air with beautiful violin music, I had to stop and watch. I admire the bravery buskers have, to perform through anything without any real guarantee of payment, but still doing it because they love what they do.

This was one of the things I really wanted to see while in London, the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and I was clearly not the only one. The streets were thick with people. It was wonderful. I found it amazing that a few of the adults (who were from London, Dean being one of them) had never seen it before. I laughed that stuff like this is their everyday and not such a big deal to them. Funny what becomes our common place.
I remember as a younger child in elementary school every Friday morning  having to sing "God Save The Queen" the British National Anthem.
God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen

I remember developing a respect for a monarch that I had very little knowledge of, that had even less then nothing to do with me personally, yet I still sang and felt patriotic and that it was important to make sure she was safe. 

While I was watching the changing of the guards, I was singing along in my head. 

Ooh how I love Pomp and circumstance!

After our ride on the London Eye (not one of my most favorite things because of how high up it went) we walked down the River Thames and beside the Tower of London watching all of the street performers. These guys were a few of my favorites.

Big Ben, as this clock is lovingly called was so beautiful, we waited around to hear it strike 7 pm so I could video it. I love how you can hear all the street noise also I particularly love the big red bus in my shot as I was taping.

This is hands down my most favorite sound of London. On the underground transit system, when you are getting on and off the tube there is a recorded voice that says "mind the gap" to warn you not to fall into the space between the train and the platform when you are getting on and off. I have no idea why I loved hearing it, but I did. I even bought myself a pair of socks that said mind the gap on them .

As I am writing this post and watching all my videos it makes me miss London a lot!


I am grateful I can share my trip like this, and that people actually want to hear about it. I will never stop being stunned by the response to my blog, thank you, I genuinely mean that. Thank you for the compliment of the personal time you use reading me. Thank you for the encouragement I get from people I have never met. Thank you thank you thank you!

I am grateful I was able to go to the radio station today to work with Chris. I always have a good laugh when I am there, and it always puts me in a good mood.

I am grateful for this warm sweater I have on right now, It is getting colder and colder outside and I love sweater season.


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Amy said...

I love that you did this again! What a fantastic trip!!