Monday, October 3

Happy Birthday Nora!

My poor little girl only has her self to blame for having a birthday the day after mine. I tried for an entire week to go into labour early with her, but alas, she was determined to come when and only when, she was good and ready. 
It's one of a few qualities that I have no idea where it came from. Obviously because I am so meek and obedient....pft. 

It was her birthday this weekend. On October 2, my little girl turned 4. So, like I always do....

Dear little Nora, 

I love you so much tiny girl! You are everything I hoped you would be and more. You have a great smile, and your curiosity is never ending. Always ask questions! You can get into trouble now and then, and truthfully I don't really mind. Always remember mistakes are a part of life, a good part. Good Judgement comes from experience, experience usually comes from bad judgement. So learn lots in this life of yours! 

Work hard to serve others. It will bring you joy, and not just happiness, but real joy. So help and serve always. 
Always do your best to follow your gut (intuition, inner voice, whatever you want to call it). It will never fail you, so learn to listen to it early in life.
Forgive yourself, and then forgive yourself again, then again, and again. The more you like yourself, the better off you will be. Try not to care what others think. This is a hard one, but the sooner you can do this the better!

DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU EVERY DAY! Sometimes no one will understand you, but trust yourself, if you think it's right, and you believe it, DO IT! I will always back you if you tell me you feel it's the right thing to do, because no one, not even me, can argue with your intuition!

Less is more when it comes to makeup, and never disrespect yourself by dressing cheap, you will go a lot further in life if you go for subtle sex appeal rather then blatant. Always wear a good bra, it will be the best piece of clothing you own!  Try to exerciser regularly, but movie nights with popcorn are also important! Laugh as much as possible, not at people, but with people! When you are having fun, people will be drawn to you for reasons they don't even understand. Happiness is a choice, so choose well. 

And lastly, know I am and forever will be your absolute biggest fan!!!!! As I have said before, you little one have the unharnessed powers to one day move mountains, I look forward to watching and cheering you on one day when your ability, energy and gifts start moving in the same direction!  You will change the world, in whatever area you decide is worthy of your time!

I love you!

I am grateful for you my baby girl. I am grateful you are happy and healthy and capable. You will age me at first, but will keep me young later in life! 

I am grateful for how lucky I am to have you!


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Natasha said...

This might be my favourite thing you've ever written. "...when your ability, energy and gifts start moving in the same direction" made me laugh out loud. Very diplomatic. And this: "Good Judgement comes from experience, experience usually comes from bad judgement." I was JUST saying something like that in my comment to my last blog post, to Sloanie, about learning by experience. But this is so much more succinct. Really puts it in perspective, right?

Love you.

(LOL. My captcha was comeink. Come in, 'k?)