Friday, October 28

Good Bye My Sweet Blighty

Dearest England,

In  few hours I will be on a plane heading home and my heart is heavy. I have loved absolutely everything about you,  you have treated me ever so well. Thank you for your beautiful green landscape, for your fantastic weather and endless history. Thank you for your underground transit system, I have developed  a small crush on it. Thank you for castles, and for respecting the beauty that they have. Thank you for the endless fountain of shoes...ooh how I love the shoes! Thank you for the best food I have ever eaten and for endless options for new foods to try. Thank you for Jamie Oliver, for a cool accent and strange slang, and of course for pomp and circumstance, I have loved learning about it all. Thank you for your uninhibited use of the colour red, I quite enjoyed seeing splashes of it everywhere, it made me so happy.

I will be back again someday, and I hope we can pick up where we left off.

Fondly, with love, and tears pouring down my cheeks.




I am so grateful that the entire time I was in England it was bright and sunny, and on the very last day it was damp and dreary. More typical  British weather. I thought it rather appropriate that the weather somewhat reflected how I was feeling on my last day.

I am grateful for everything I have learned about myself from this trip.

I am grateful for my Brits, Sam and Dean. Thank you for seeing value in my dreams. Thank you for sharing your country with me and going beyond what I could ever have hoped for. Thank you for helping me check things off my bucket list and for helping me have this experience that  I will remember for the rest of my life.
Thank you.


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Princess Leah said...

Oh dear, I'm crying too for you. I totally understand the whole 'I don't what to leave' thing. You will go back, its in your blood, literally!
XO Leah
PS I'm making Jamies Irish Champ Potatoes tomorrow night!!