Friday, October 7

Going out for breakfast or cleaning the house.

This morning the kids did not have school due to the long weekend for Thanksgiving. 
When everyone was up I asked if they were interested in going to Ikea for breakfast, and picking up a lamp shade. 
The kids, in unison, said (in a whiny tone) Nooo! 

So I said, alright, everyone have a bowel of cereal and we will clean the house. 

blank faced, Ethan says, can I change my answer? 

I just giggled, nope, lets get cleaning. 


I am grateful for good food. 

I am grateful for hair days, Sam at Time out Salon is AMAZING!!!  780-960-3666.

I am grateful for a clean house! The kids did a great job helping me clean. 

I am grateful for radio days!!! 



Tanya said...

Hahahaha "Can I change my answer"? I love it!

Leah M said...

Love it!!