Monday, October 31

Driving on the wrong side of the road.

One of the things I was really excited to try while in England was try to drive. I have never been in a car where the stearing wheel is on the right side of the car, let alone actually drive the car. Then of course, you also drive on the other side of the road too, making it even more challenging. But I was feeling up for the challenge.

One night when we went to Tesco's (England's equivalent to Walmart) I asked if I could try driving in the parking lot... reluctant and a little nervous (Dean said he wanted out of the car) the Brits let me try.

To make it even more of a challenge, the car was a stick. (I LOVE driving a standard BTW, my friend Cory taught me to drive his truck which was a standard when I was in high school, so I was not so concerned with that but shifting with the opposite hand was interesting)

We all rearranged our seating and seat belts were on, and off I went. The actual shifting was a breeze, that was no big deal at all. What was challenging beyond belief was driving on the left side of the road. I had to really concentrate on not going to the other side. I was okay when I was on a straight stretch of the parking lot, but when I turned a corner I really had to focus. 

It was so fun, I wanted to give it a try in the country side, where all the beautiful trees shaded the road, but I knew if I did I would be distracted looking at all the scenery and not on the road. So I stayed in the parking lot, I think both of the Brits were happier with that.


I am grateful we were safe while we were in England, we almost got into an accident one night driving into London, but Sam's superior driving and quick reflexes spared us. 

I am grateful for how helpful the guy was today at lulu lemon about my ripped sweater. 

I am grateful good friends.


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Leah said...

Awesome!! I'm so glad you got to drive!! Next time, roundabouts!!!