Friday, October 14

The day I tried to be a good person..

I want to begin this post by saying that everything I am about to share with you is the absolute truth. I need to preface this blog post with this promise, because as I sit here and reflect on the day I just had, I myself find it shocking to believe it actually all happened. One of the goals I had set out wanting to accomplish with this blog was to, once in a while, share my life with others so that they could feel like, "Phewf! Glad that was her and not me." Today I feel I have achieved that goal!

Three days ago I went to Ikea and bought new bed sheets (pretty red ones), a lamp shade, and a bookshelf. When I got home, I looked over the receipt and discovered that they did not charge me for the pretty red sheets. CRAP. I wish I was capable of just shrugging this off. I wish I could just laugh and say, "Right on, I got free sheets". I wish this because the guilt is physically uncomfortable and the drive back to IKEA is almost an hour. I tried to ignore it, but unfortunately the lamp shade I bought did not fit the lamp (Ikea shades only fit Ikea lamps) I had to return the shade today, stoking the guilt I already felt. 

So, I get to customer service to return my shade and after that transaction is done I say, "I also need to correct a mistake that happened when I bought the lamp shade. I actually also bought a set of king sized red sheets, but they did not get rung through, so I need to pay for them."

She looks at me like I am specking a different language. 

I slide my Visa towards her and smile. 

She says,"You took a set of sheets without paying and now you want to pay?"

"Yes, I didn't take them, they were under the VERY heavy bookshelf I bought, but because the shelf was so heavy I did not lift it out of the cart, so the woman scanning things did not see them. 
Honest mistake, I'm here to pay now." I again slid my Visa at her.

She says to me, "Really?" 

"Ya really. I'm flying to London next week and frankly I can't afford any bad karma for being dishonest and keeping them."

She says,"Go sit down, I need to call a manager."

I go sit down. I can hear her talking behind me, saying "Ya, she took them and now wants to pay." I can hear her say, "Okay, I'll ask." She yells at me, "Miss, what colour were they?" 


She answered to the person on the phone,"Red."

She yells back at me, "Red-red, or orange-red?"

I say, "Red" 

Again she questions, "Not orange?"

Nope, not orange, RED!

She says to me, "Can you come over here again?" I get up walk over to the register. 

She says, "You are sure they are king sized, not twin?"

Nope again, pretty darn sure I know what size I bought. They are king, I know this because they are currently ON MY KING SIZED BED AT HOME!

One more time she says, "And they are red?"


She says, "We have no record of this, so I am going to go check the security camera, can you sit back down for a moment?"

I actually start to laugh. "YOU DON'T HAVE A RECORD OF THIS?? You often keep records of things people steal (unintentionally)???"

I am sitting for another ten minutes while she goes into a different room, then comes out, walks over to the cash register. She is clearly even more annoyed now and rings my sheets through, and says in a muffled tone, "What a pain in the butt."

I sign the sheet and walk away, so flustered that this exchange actually just happened. So much for being honest... grrr.

Oh, and last, a friend of mine sent me a "psychological" word find.
The way it works is you look it over and the first three words you see will describe you. I saw "Fat, Broken, Whore". 
That was extra awesome!


I'm going to bed!



I am so unbelievably grateful for the man that was ahead of me in the Starbucks drive through this morning who payed for my drink, before all this happened. I could see him looking at me in his rear view mirror. He had dark wavy hair, a beautiful dark beard and a space between his front teeth. He pulled up just enough to still see my face when I pulled up to the window. When the woman told me, "The gentleman ahead of you payed for your drink," I looked up, shocked, I smiled and he smiled back. 

Buddy, you have no idea what you did! Thank you so very much!

I am grateful there are only 4 more days! 


Tanya said...

Ugh so sorry you had that experience, if I were in your shoes I would be tempted to write a letter to Ikea corporate office as the women's customer service skills were obviously subpar.

I bought some boots the other day and the security tag was not removed and never beeped when I left the store. When I took them back in I was treated much the same as you were at Ikea in that the girl did not seem to believe me and had to call over another staff member.

Do not pay much attention to that word find you are beautiful. I got pit, plop, and broke when I did it. I can relate pit and broke but plop not sure how to apply that. LOL

Enjoy your vacation.

Tour Guide Leah said...

Yeah! 3 more sleeps now!!
I hear ya about the bad karma, crap like that ALWAYS seems to happen before something good!!

Anonymous said...

Tell that clerk to go poop in her hat, and wear it! No wonder it's so hard to do the 'right thing' sometimes. *sigh. Let that karma fall on her shoulders!

I'm with Tanya and suggest you put forth a letter with this blog entry attached. And don't be afraid to call someone like that on their behaviour. Not in a mean way, but just tell them that you would appreciate them not taking their bad day out on you!


Amy said...

Sorry CUSTOMER SERVICE lady, but isn't that YOUR JOB! Is there really something more pressing you need to be doing??
I agree, contact head office. That treatment is really unacceptable, especially when you're doing THEM a favour.

However, I do love your kind stranger. :)