Sunday, October 23

Day 5 Dinner with Italians

We are at Sam's mom's house and I have just snuck up stairs to catch my breath. I just witnessed the most fantastic family dinner I think I have ever seen. I just ate a meal with a rather large Italian family, and it was amazing. Loud but amazing.

The amount of food alone could have feed my family over for 2 weeks, and there is hardly any left. 10 adults and equal number of children all crammed into a tiny English dinning room set the stage for this magical meal.

We were all dished up by Diane, Sam's mom, who clearly loves with food, as all good grandmas do. I could not even see my plate she gave me so much Lasagna, then asked if I wanted pasta too. I declined the pasta and Sam quickly cut my portion in to three and gave the other two plates to other people.
I sat down and the second the food had been blessed it started. I (having pre planned my location) sat at the end of the table beside Sam's dad. He is an adorable Italian man who has the warmest smile you have ever seen. I sat with him last night for dinner and told him the rule is that he is only allowed to speak Italian. So of course I sat with him again tonight

"It" was this display of what a hurricane looks like when it meets a tornado. Everyone was talking to everyone, laughing at old family stories, disagreeing about the proper care of animals. Everyone passing drinks and cheese around, never skipping a beat in conversation.

The children's table was just as active and fun to listen to. Cousins who have not seen each other for months giggling and chatting. The atmosphere was electric and so full of love, I found myself silent and in awe of it all. Quietly watching conversations that were increasing in volume not out of anger but necessity due to the conversation beside them getting louder.
It was like a movie that I did not want to end.

I am loving it here, other then the cold, which I was not entirely prepared for clothes wise, it's perfect.

I also wanted to tell you about pub food. I have been hearing about pub food my whole life. my Nan use to tell me about it when I was younger. I remember her telling me she wanted to open a pub, it was her dream before she died. I have read about pub food in Jamies Oliver's books for years now. How he grew up in his parents pub eating there traditional British food. It has been on my bucket list for years and I have to say it absolutely met every expectation I had.

On day one, when we went to Hever Castle we also ate at the little pub across from the castle gates.
It was brilliant. I had the stake and kidney pudding, Dean had the stake pie and Sam ordered the sausage and mash.

I have no words to describe it all. I think it must have been a combination of being a little tired, overwhelmed with being at a castle and finally eating at a true British pub that my Nan had spoken about for years, all I could do was cry.
I just picked up my napkin and cried hard. Poor Sam and Dean just sat there staring at me. My throat was so tight and the tears were pouring out of my face, I just wept. So much in fact I actually had tears drop on to my plate.

I love it here. I love the history, I love the food, I love the culture. England is wonderful! And I still have 5 days to go!

I am grateful for my childhood stories from my Nan Ann who sparked this love for the UK.

I am grateful for my socks and warm pants I did pack.

I am grateful for this blog, so I can share all of this with you. In hopes one day you might desire to go and visit and pass along your stories to others.


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