Friday, October 21

Day 2 Jamie Olivers and Armpits

For those that might be new to my blog, I will let you in on a personal secret. I apologize to the rest of you, who I am sure is sick to death of hearing me talk about this topic. I have a rather small/ginormous thing for Jamie Oliver. I have been watching his TV shows for years and own almost all of his cook books.
He is quite literally who taught me how to cook, and who sparked my love affair with the culinary arts.

So you get it? I like him.

I have been dreaming about eating at his restaurant for almost a full decade now, and that is the truth. Well, today I finally did it. I am at Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant. We had been out all morning in London. I actually saw London. London is very similar to NYC. The streets are packed with taxi's just like NYC (only English taxi's are way nicer). There are people everywhere, and there is tons to see. Most of the morning was dedicated to Royalty,(we will discuss later).

Lunch time we decided to try and hunt down Jamies place.We walked up and down thes little streets looking for it. I was full of butterflies. When we found it my excitement began boiling over in the form of tears yet again.  It was simple but beautiful. His detail to food is second to none. For starters we ate the most exquisite sourdough  I have ever had dipped in oil and balsamic. I had the pear and pine nut salad for lunch. Sam had Pasta that was quite literally, to die for. Dean had soup. We laughed and had a wonderful time with our server. I was even hit on by the most aggressive man I have ever had the misfortune to meet. I actually hid behind Dean because he scared me so bad.

Aside for the man in heat, the lunch was the experience I wanted, except for not meeting Jamie himself!

The other thing I wanted to tell you about in London is the tube. This is their underground transit system. I have heard stories for months form my the Brits about how it gets so squishy that your face will be in someones armpit. How you are so crammed together that you can't even move' How you are so restricted that you can hardly breath. So today when is was quiting time for workers, and the opportunity presented its self to take the tube to experience this human cattle herding, I was more then eager to give it a go. Much to the Brits disappointment I wanted to have the crap squished out of me. And they had to go with me!

ya, they were not joking. Its the most intimate setting for people who are in no way intimate. I had done some shopping already and was carrying a rather large bag that kept hitting the man beside me in the groolies the entire tube ride. I felt horrible. To his credit, he said nothing which is rather impressive because today I had been snapped at by total strangers for less. Come to think of it, this quite possibly could have gotten me stabbed. Thank heavens he could see it was a complete accident.

My face, very literally in an armpit.

London at night is stunning. I just love it here. I find the sights even more breathtaking when they are so simply lit up. London is a place I can and am getting quite fond of.

The London Eye. It's like a Ferris wheel so you can get a birds eye view of London.

To end our first day in London we went and saw Wicked the musical. I hate musicals, but this one was really good. To be fair, my judgment can only be for the second half of the musical. I feel asleep through the first half. ( no trouble with jet lag until I stop moving, get into a comfy seat and its dark with dim lighting....)
I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

Now its 1 am here and I am beat. I have a fun day in London planned again tomorrow.

thank you for all the comments, I hope everyone enjoys our little trip together!



I am grateful for good shoes. I am walking an awful lot.

I am grateful for the beautiful sweater I found today.

I am grateful for these simple and humble dreams that are coming true two days in a row. It is shocking to me still that I am actually here!


Natasha said...

I am snortlaughing that you wrote "culinary arts". Because, you know, you say that all the time. ;-P

I have never been on a crowded tube, even when tubing it to downtown.

TheRealSlimKatie said...

I knew this was gonna be a great trip!! ♥

Mel said...

It's a good thing it's not summer and armpit guy wasn't wearing a tank top... :p

Percy2626 said...

Oh gross Mel! I didn't even think of that! I am super grateful that armpit guys pit was not showing!!!

I LOVE that Gabe wants a rock for a souvenir. That would be my choice too!!! Or several rocks. :D

London looks like so much fun. Looking forward to new adventures in tomorrow's blog.