Monday, October 31

Driving on the wrong side of the road.

One of the things I was really excited to try while in England was try to drive. I have never been in a car where the stearing wheel is on the right side of the car, let alone actually drive the car. Then of course, you also drive on the other side of the road too, making it even more challenging. But I was feeling up for the challenge.

One night when we went to Tesco's (England's equivalent to Walmart) I asked if I could try driving in the parking lot... reluctant and a little nervous (Dean said he wanted out of the car) the Brits let me try.

To make it even more of a challenge, the car was a stick. (I LOVE driving a standard BTW, my friend Cory taught me to drive his truck which was a standard when I was in high school, so I was not so concerned with that but shifting with the opposite hand was interesting)

We all rearranged our seating and seat belts were on, and off I went. The actual shifting was a breeze, that was no big deal at all. What was challenging beyond belief was driving on the left side of the road. I had to really concentrate on not going to the other side. I was okay when I was on a straight stretch of the parking lot, but when I turned a corner I really had to focus. 

It was so fun, I wanted to give it a try in the country side, where all the beautiful trees shaded the road, but I knew if I did I would be distracted looking at all the scenery and not on the road. So I stayed in the parking lot, I think both of the Brits were happier with that.


I am grateful we were safe while we were in England, we almost got into an accident one night driving into London, but Sam's superior driving and quick reflexes spared us. 

I am grateful for how helpful the guy was today at lulu lemon about my ripped sweater. 

I am grateful good friends.


Sunday, October 30

Music Monday from London.

I have been home for one full day and it has been a rather long day. I woke up wide awake at 3 am, because for the last 10 days 3am here, is 10 am in London. Ugh...Jet lag sucks.

For this music Monday I am going to do it like the one I did on my trip to NYC. This music Monday is the sounds of London. I wanted to do this when I was there, but the Internet was rough and my dell mini was very trying to use.

While the Brits and I toured around seeing all the sights, there were people everywhere doing something to earn money. This man was playing for a group of school children while they danced. I love bagpipes and the children looked like they were having such a fun time.

While we were out shopping one evening these guys were filling the air with beautiful violin music, I had to stop and watch. I admire the bravery buskers have, to perform through anything without any real guarantee of payment, but still doing it because they love what they do.

This was one of the things I really wanted to see while in London, the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and I was clearly not the only one. The streets were thick with people. It was wonderful. I found it amazing that a few of the adults (who were from London, Dean being one of them) had never seen it before. I laughed that stuff like this is their everyday and not such a big deal to them. Funny what becomes our common place.
I remember as a younger child in elementary school every Friday morning  having to sing "God Save The Queen" the British National Anthem.
God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen

I remember developing a respect for a monarch that I had very little knowledge of, that had even less then nothing to do with me personally, yet I still sang and felt patriotic and that it was important to make sure she was safe. 

While I was watching the changing of the guards, I was singing along in my head. 

Ooh how I love Pomp and circumstance!

After our ride on the London Eye (not one of my most favorite things because of how high up it went) we walked down the River Thames and beside the Tower of London watching all of the street performers. These guys were a few of my favorites.

Big Ben, as this clock is lovingly called was so beautiful, we waited around to hear it strike 7 pm so I could video it. I love how you can hear all the street noise also I particularly love the big red bus in my shot as I was taping.

This is hands down my most favorite sound of London. On the underground transit system, when you are getting on and off the tube there is a recorded voice that says "mind the gap" to warn you not to fall into the space between the train and the platform when you are getting on and off. I have no idea why I loved hearing it, but I did. I even bought myself a pair of socks that said mind the gap on them .

As I am writing this post and watching all my videos it makes me miss London a lot!


I am grateful I can share my trip like this, and that people actually want to hear about it. I will never stop being stunned by the response to my blog, thank you, I genuinely mean that. Thank you for the compliment of the personal time you use reading me. Thank you for the encouragement I get from people I have never met. Thank you thank you thank you!

I am grateful I was able to go to the radio station today to work with Chris. I always have a good laugh when I am there, and it always puts me in a good mood.

I am grateful for this warm sweater I have on right now, It is getting colder and colder outside and I love sweater season.


Friday, October 28

Good Bye My Sweet Blighty

Dearest England,

In  few hours I will be on a plane heading home and my heart is heavy. I have loved absolutely everything about you,  you have treated me ever so well. Thank you for your beautiful green landscape, for your fantastic weather and endless history. Thank you for your underground transit system, I have developed  a small crush on it. Thank you for castles, and for respecting the beauty that they have. Thank you for the endless fountain of shoes...ooh how I love the shoes! Thank you for the best food I have ever eaten and for endless options for new foods to try. Thank you for Jamie Oliver, for a cool accent and strange slang, and of course for pomp and circumstance, I have loved learning about it all. Thank you for your uninhibited use of the colour red, I quite enjoyed seeing splashes of it everywhere, it made me so happy.

I will be back again someday, and I hope we can pick up where we left off.

Fondly, with love, and tears pouring down my cheeks.




I am so grateful that the entire time I was in England it was bright and sunny, and on the very last day it was damp and dreary. More typical  British weather. I thought it rather appropriate that the weather somewhat reflected how I was feeling on my last day.

I am grateful for everything I have learned about myself from this trip.

I am grateful for my Brits, Sam and Dean. Thank you for seeing value in my dreams. Thank you for sharing your country with me and going beyond what I could ever have hoped for. Thank you for helping me check things off my bucket list and for helping me have this experience that  I will remember for the rest of my life.
Thank you.


Thursday, October 27

Eating at La Figa..or in Italian; Vagina.

I flew in from Italy very early this morning and I am still in a daze from it all. I think it will take me a few days to let it all settle before I will be able to blog about it. In the mean time I will tell you about the meal I had the night before we flew to Rome.

We went to a restaurant in London called La Figa.

Now for those of you who do not speak Italian, La Figa means, quite simply, Vagina. So you can see why it's a popular establishment. The Brits have been telling me about the food there for over a year now, so there were some fairly high expectations. And let me just say, all were met and then some.

I have never, in all my life, eaten a better meal then the one  I had at La Figa. Dean and I both ordered a seafood dish. his had muscles and octopus, mine with prawns, but Sam ordered tagliatelle alla carbonara. As is custom when we all eat together we freely share each others dishes grabbing whatever looks good off each others plates. It might seem strange to others but the three of us are foodies, so sharing is a must when it come to dining.

I was more then happy with my pasta, cooked to absolute perfection in a beautiful red spicy sauce. I speared a huge chunk of octopus from Deans plate (actually quite fantastic when it's fresh from the sea) it was bliss and another check off the bucket list.

Then I tried Sams dish.

It was like eating silk. Savory, creamy, perfect silk. It was soft and gentle in my mouth and the most perfect balance of flavor I have ever had the pleasure of trying. Because I often rave about food, and seldom tell you about the stuff I eat that is total crap, I worry this will get lost among all the other food blogs I have done. So let me just make this clear by saying this meal was so perfect, so delightful, so sensual that after I had three bites, I absolutely burst into tears. Yes, I have cried a lot on this trip and laugh all you want about the silly thought of crying over food, but I am not joking when I say that this meal was truly that delicious I burst into tears. Not because I was tired, not for any sentimental reasons, solely and completely because it was heaven on a plate. I have never tasted perfection until my night at La Figa.I now see what all the fuss was about.

For dessert we had Creme brulee, Tiramisu and Lemon sorbet. The perfect ending to a perfect meal. A few short hours after dinner I flew to Rome and spent two life changing days in Italy.

It is now 2 am here, and tomorrow is my last day in England. I am not ready to go back.But sadly all good things must come to an end. I have so much to still show you and tell you about. My stories are far from over.
So for now goodnight, and I will write again soon. I need this last day  to say good bye to England, and my dear London. I will miss it terribly. My heart hurts thinking about leaving.



I am grateful for this, for all of this. For Drew who agreed to allow me this, even with everything. Thank you.

I am grateful for the way I feel and how this experience has changed me.

I am grateful so very very grateful.

Sunday, October 23

Day 5 Dinner with Italians

We are at Sam's mom's house and I have just snuck up stairs to catch my breath. I just witnessed the most fantastic family dinner I think I have ever seen. I just ate a meal with a rather large Italian family, and it was amazing. Loud but amazing.

The amount of food alone could have feed my family over for 2 weeks, and there is hardly any left. 10 adults and equal number of children all crammed into a tiny English dinning room set the stage for this magical meal.

We were all dished up by Diane, Sam's mom, who clearly loves with food, as all good grandmas do. I could not even see my plate she gave me so much Lasagna, then asked if I wanted pasta too. I declined the pasta and Sam quickly cut my portion in to three and gave the other two plates to other people.
I sat down and the second the food had been blessed it started. I (having pre planned my location) sat at the end of the table beside Sam's dad. He is an adorable Italian man who has the warmest smile you have ever seen. I sat with him last night for dinner and told him the rule is that he is only allowed to speak Italian. So of course I sat with him again tonight

"It" was this display of what a hurricane looks like when it meets a tornado. Everyone was talking to everyone, laughing at old family stories, disagreeing about the proper care of animals. Everyone passing drinks and cheese around, never skipping a beat in conversation.

The children's table was just as active and fun to listen to. Cousins who have not seen each other for months giggling and chatting. The atmosphere was electric and so full of love, I found myself silent and in awe of it all. Quietly watching conversations that were increasing in volume not out of anger but necessity due to the conversation beside them getting louder.
It was like a movie that I did not want to end.

I am loving it here, other then the cold, which I was not entirely prepared for clothes wise, it's perfect.

I also wanted to tell you about pub food. I have been hearing about pub food my whole life. my Nan use to tell me about it when I was younger. I remember her telling me she wanted to open a pub, it was her dream before she died. I have read about pub food in Jamies Oliver's books for years now. How he grew up in his parents pub eating there traditional British food. It has been on my bucket list for years and I have to say it absolutely met every expectation I had.

On day one, when we went to Hever Castle we also ate at the little pub across from the castle gates.
It was brilliant. I had the stake and kidney pudding, Dean had the stake pie and Sam ordered the sausage and mash.

I have no words to describe it all. I think it must have been a combination of being a little tired, overwhelmed with being at a castle and finally eating at a true British pub that my Nan had spoken about for years, all I could do was cry.
I just picked up my napkin and cried hard. Poor Sam and Dean just sat there staring at me. My throat was so tight and the tears were pouring out of my face, I just wept. So much in fact I actually had tears drop on to my plate.

I love it here. I love the history, I love the food, I love the culture. England is wonderful! And I still have 5 days to go!

I am grateful for my childhood stories from my Nan Ann who sparked this love for the UK.

I am grateful for my socks and warm pants I did pack.

I am grateful for this blog, so I can share all of this with you. In hopes one day you might desire to go and visit and pass along your stories to others.


Saturday, October 22

Day 3 Leah and Jet Lag

I am in London tonight, staying in a hotel with my friend Leah who came to London (from Edmonton) to hang out while I am here. We had a very busy day looking at the tower of London, eating at Pubs and shopping.

I am really tired and need to sleep.
Jet lag only hits when I sit down and stop moving. I am really feeling it today.

Tonight Leah and I did the Tower of London tour (during the day) and the Jack the Ripper tour(at night). It was FREEZING outside and rather disturbing. We walked around the streets of London listening to how a crazy man murdered women, and left their bodies gutted on the streets. It was a feel good type of evening. It was a nice tone to set for Leah and I having to walk around ( a little lost) trying to find the underground tube so we could get back to our hotel.

I will blog more tomorrow.

Having a wonderful time.



I am grateful for warm showers after a long cold night walk learning about serial killers.

I am grateful for British comedy shows.

I am grateful for pretty London hotel rooms.

Friday, October 21

Day 2 Jamie Olivers and Armpits

For those that might be new to my blog, I will let you in on a personal secret. I apologize to the rest of you, who I am sure is sick to death of hearing me talk about this topic. I have a rather small/ginormous thing for Jamie Oliver. I have been watching his TV shows for years and own almost all of his cook books.
He is quite literally who taught me how to cook, and who sparked my love affair with the culinary arts.

So you get it? I like him.

I have been dreaming about eating at his restaurant for almost a full decade now, and that is the truth. Well, today I finally did it. I am at Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant. We had been out all morning in London. I actually saw London. London is very similar to NYC. The streets are packed with taxi's just like NYC (only English taxi's are way nicer). There are people everywhere, and there is tons to see. Most of the morning was dedicated to Royalty,(we will discuss later).

Lunch time we decided to try and hunt down Jamies place.We walked up and down thes little streets looking for it. I was full of butterflies. When we found it my excitement began boiling over in the form of tears yet again.  It was simple but beautiful. His detail to food is second to none. For starters we ate the most exquisite sourdough  I have ever had dipped in oil and balsamic. I had the pear and pine nut salad for lunch. Sam had Pasta that was quite literally, to die for. Dean had soup. We laughed and had a wonderful time with our server. I was even hit on by the most aggressive man I have ever had the misfortune to meet. I actually hid behind Dean because he scared me so bad.

Aside for the man in heat, the lunch was the experience I wanted, except for not meeting Jamie himself!

The other thing I wanted to tell you about in London is the tube. This is their underground transit system. I have heard stories for months form my the Brits about how it gets so squishy that your face will be in someones armpit. How you are so crammed together that you can't even move' How you are so restricted that you can hardly breath. So today when is was quiting time for workers, and the opportunity presented its self to take the tube to experience this human cattle herding, I was more then eager to give it a go. Much to the Brits disappointment I wanted to have the crap squished out of me. And they had to go with me!

ya, they were not joking. Its the most intimate setting for people who are in no way intimate. I had done some shopping already and was carrying a rather large bag that kept hitting the man beside me in the groolies the entire tube ride. I felt horrible. To his credit, he said nothing which is rather impressive because today I had been snapped at by total strangers for less. Come to think of it, this quite possibly could have gotten me stabbed. Thank heavens he could see it was a complete accident.

My face, very literally in an armpit.

London at night is stunning. I just love it here. I find the sights even more breathtaking when they are so simply lit up. London is a place I can and am getting quite fond of.

The London Eye. It's like a Ferris wheel so you can get a birds eye view of London.

To end our first day in London we went and saw Wicked the musical. I hate musicals, but this one was really good. To be fair, my judgment can only be for the second half of the musical. I feel asleep through the first half. ( no trouble with jet lag until I stop moving, get into a comfy seat and its dark with dim lighting....)
I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

Now its 1 am here and I am beat. I have a fun day in London planned again tomorrow.

thank you for all the comments, I hope everyone enjoys our little trip together!



I am grateful for good shoes. I am walking an awful lot.

I am grateful for the beautiful sweater I found today.

I am grateful for these simple and humble dreams that are coming true two days in a row. It is shocking to me still that I am actually here!

Thursday, October 20

Day 1 A Castle And Crying.

That was the longest flight I have ever been on. 7.5 hours is a long time to sit in a seat that would be too small for a toddler, but with my sheer excitement and mental and (obvious physical superior ability) I toughed it out.  When we landed Sam picked us up and immediately the adventure began. We had to pay for our parking ticket and some woman came up to us and tried to steal our parking ticket and Sam's money. She was argumentative, and rather threatening. I was a little scared. I just wanted to get into the car so I could rest and uncross my eyes from the lack of sleep Once we avoided the near stabbing and paid for the parking ticket found the car, we began the day.

The amazement of the day began 10 minutes before we landed actually. While we circled over the landing strip on our decent, I saw it. I saw an actual castle. Clear as day, there it was in all it's glory. It absolutely took my breath away.  I was a little unprepared for the reaction I would have. It probably was compounded by the fact I had not slept, but I bawled. It was wonderful! I saw a castle!!!!

So, like with all my adventures, it's better explained in pictures. 

The country roads are magnificent! They are small, and I was panicked deer would jump out and we would hit them, not to mention the fact I was sitting in the drivers seats and there was no steering wheel in front of me (but we will discuss that another time).Small, green,lush and breathtaking!

Hever Castle. It was sensational. I cried while I walked through the 700 year old halls. I loved looking at all the old pictures and furniture. Bedrooms, kitchen, gardens. It was everything I imagined it would be and more. And I am informed this is a small castle...ooh my! Sadly pictures were not permitted inside, but I assure you it was impressive.

Yup, even had a mote!

Go to London England
-Go to a castle
checked off my bucket list on day one!

on the walk up to the Castle you passed a section of the garden where  there were these trees that were sculpted into animals and different shapes. Its is called Topiary. There were about 10, but the pig was my favorite.

Also on the grounds there was a maze made out of shrubs. This one  is for little kids, the adult one ripped my lulu sweater, but I forgave it because of its sheer awesomeness!

Us walking through the maze!

What a glorious start to the trip, I am in love!

I am grateful I did not get air sick!

I am grateful for history and for how it makes me feel.

I am grateful for the second half of this day!!!


Tuesday, October 18

On the Plane...

Sitting on an airplane, 8 hours is a long flight.Not as long as 24 but it's long for me. 
I'm sitting by a guy who pees every 10 minutes, HONESTLY BUDDY, stop drinking water then! The fact that I/we are situated right beside the washroom has its pros and cons. 

pro: I don't have to make a scene every time I pee and sir "baby bladder" I'm beside doesn't have to walk far. 
con: Smell.....enough said. 

I am excited beyond words, and can hardly sit still. 
I need to try and sleep. 

Talk soon


I am grateful for the moon pillows, makes this easier to try and sleep. 

I am grateful for music and Ellen's new book to help pass the time. 

I am grateful for comfortable lulu lemon clothes! 

Monday, October 17

One More Sleep!

My bags are all packed. Technically they have been packed, then unpacked, then repacked a few times. But I think I have it all good now. I have ran through my list of things and I am pretty sure I have everything done and ready for my next big adventure. 

I am starting to get nervous now. I always get nervous before I go on a big trip. I don't have much in the way of expectations, I am going on this adventure open to endless possibilities. I want to feel happy. I want to have fun, to try new things and meet loads of new people. I want to eat, and laugh till I cry. I want to have such am amazing time my face hurts from smiling. (No expectations).

I reviewed my bucket list (the London/Italy portion) looks good. Fingers crossed

Go to London England
-Eat at Jamie Olivers  restaurant (his fish pie)
-Meet Mr. Oliver because he happens to be there, he takes me on a tour of his kitchen and I get a picture with him
-Get a picture taken with a Queen's guard
-Go to a castle
Go to Italy
-Dance with a complete stranger (also make out with said stranger.. kidding... kinda)

Things I want to eat:
-Pub food in a pub in London
-Seafood linguine with real octopus
-Eat real mozzarella cheese

I look forward to sharing my adventures with everyone.  I hope you all come along for the ride!

Wish me luck!



I am grateful Drew is taking time off work to be with the kids while I go. thank you. 

I am grateful for the pursuit of inner peace. 

I am grateful for this opportunity. This calendar year has been a hug one for me. I have experienced things that most people get over the span of a life time. I am a very lucky girl.  

Friday, October 14

The day I tried to be a good person..

I want to begin this post by saying that everything I am about to share with you is the absolute truth. I need to preface this blog post with this promise, because as I sit here and reflect on the day I just had, I myself find it shocking to believe it actually all happened. One of the goals I had set out wanting to accomplish with this blog was to, once in a while, share my life with others so that they could feel like, "Phewf! Glad that was her and not me." Today I feel I have achieved that goal!

Three days ago I went to Ikea and bought new bed sheets (pretty red ones), a lamp shade, and a bookshelf. When I got home, I looked over the receipt and discovered that they did not charge me for the pretty red sheets. CRAP. I wish I was capable of just shrugging this off. I wish I could just laugh and say, "Right on, I got free sheets". I wish this because the guilt is physically uncomfortable and the drive back to IKEA is almost an hour. I tried to ignore it, but unfortunately the lamp shade I bought did not fit the lamp (Ikea shades only fit Ikea lamps) I had to return the shade today, stoking the guilt I already felt. 

So, I get to customer service to return my shade and after that transaction is done I say, "I also need to correct a mistake that happened when I bought the lamp shade. I actually also bought a set of king sized red sheets, but they did not get rung through, so I need to pay for them."

She looks at me like I am specking a different language. 

I slide my Visa towards her and smile. 

She says,"You took a set of sheets without paying and now you want to pay?"

"Yes, I didn't take them, they were under the VERY heavy bookshelf I bought, but because the shelf was so heavy I did not lift it out of the cart, so the woman scanning things did not see them. 
Honest mistake, I'm here to pay now." I again slid my Visa at her.

She says to me, "Really?" 

"Ya really. I'm flying to London next week and frankly I can't afford any bad karma for being dishonest and keeping them."

She says,"Go sit down, I need to call a manager."

I go sit down. I can hear her talking behind me, saying "Ya, she took them and now wants to pay." I can hear her say, "Okay, I'll ask." She yells at me, "Miss, what colour were they?" 


She answered to the person on the phone,"Red."

She yells back at me, "Red-red, or orange-red?"

I say, "Red" 

Again she questions, "Not orange?"

Nope, not orange, RED!

She says to me, "Can you come over here again?" I get up walk over to the register. 

She says, "You are sure they are king sized, not twin?"

Nope again, pretty darn sure I know what size I bought. They are king, I know this because they are currently ON MY KING SIZED BED AT HOME!

One more time she says, "And they are red?"


She says, "We have no record of this, so I am going to go check the security camera, can you sit back down for a moment?"

I actually start to laugh. "YOU DON'T HAVE A RECORD OF THIS?? You often keep records of things people steal (unintentionally)???"

I am sitting for another ten minutes while she goes into a different room, then comes out, walks over to the cash register. She is clearly even more annoyed now and rings my sheets through, and says in a muffled tone, "What a pain in the butt."

I sign the sheet and walk away, so flustered that this exchange actually just happened. So much for being honest... grrr.

Oh, and last, a friend of mine sent me a "psychological" word find.
The way it works is you look it over and the first three words you see will describe you. I saw "Fat, Broken, Whore". 
That was extra awesome!


I'm going to bed!



I am so unbelievably grateful for the man that was ahead of me in the Starbucks drive through this morning who payed for my drink, before all this happened. I could see him looking at me in his rear view mirror. He had dark wavy hair, a beautiful dark beard and a space between his front teeth. He pulled up just enough to still see my face when I pulled up to the window. When the woman told me, "The gentleman ahead of you payed for your drink," I looked up, shocked, I smiled and he smiled back. 

Buddy, you have no idea what you did! Thank you so very much!

I am grateful there are only 4 more days! 

Thursday, October 13

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

This morning was cold, the chill in the air cut to the core.  I can feel the temperature change in my (previously broken)  knee and ankle. The boys got off to school like normal and I have started packing and sorting things for my trip. When I got bored of folding clothes I sat down at the computer and found this.

I had not taken the time to sit and watch the entire speech after his death until this morning, but I am so glad I did. I found it inspiring. I loved that his speech to Stanford University was about how he dropped out of College! 

I was moved by the encouragement to follow your gut/inner voice even when it might not make sense to or be the popular decision. This has been a personal goal of mine as of late, so it really hit home.
 My heart began to race when he spoke about how part of the development of typography for the MAC stemmed from a calligraphy class he took after he dropped out, simply because it interested him. Reminding me there are no coincidences in life. The universe has a plan for you. It's up to us to find it.

My insides felt ignited when Steve spoke about connecting the dots, but how you can only connect the dots looking back, and can never connect the dots looking forward. You just need to trust things will work out and do your part by continually going forward. Then, you can see how it's all connected after it's all done. Have faith and be brave.

I cried a little when he spoke about being fired from the very company he started. Again, when you look at what came from that stumble, his creativity and growth, again solidifies to me the universe has a bigger plan and that when you allow life to tech you, give you opportunities to grow, things can be even bigger and better then you ever imagined. But you can't fight the growth. The biggest growth comes when things are uncomfortable or even painful. 

Don't stay comfortable, keep moving forward, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

Great words from a great man.
Thank you Steve Jobs.



I am grateful for perfectly timed lifts like these. New personal truths, and unexpected healing moments.

I am grateful for the power of words,and how they can move me and make me look at things and myself a little differently. 

I am grateful for the sale section at Anthropologie!...sigh

5 More days until my next adventure! I will be writing daily, so I hope you all join me on my trip!

Wednesday, October 12

My first Interview with a band...

This past Monday (Thanksgiving) I got to interview the band The New Cities. I was looking forward to meeting them, their song Heatwave is catchy, I like it. I would not say I am a huge fan or anything, but I was looking forward to doing a good job. Remember I'm new at the station, everyone there has oodles and oodles of experience. They have all met famous people, visited with bands, gone to (I am sure ) hundreds of concerts. So this stuff is just their everyday. That is not the case for me. 
Like in any new job, the newest member needs to prove themselves a bit, and I am the same.

I was looking forward to doing a really good job, with the single thing I was asked to do. Video tape the interview/song the band was going to preform.
Easy! I can manage that. All Sunday I was playing with the camera so I knew exactly how to use it, I was figuring out the best place to stand for the shot. After a few tries and questions to Chris and Fitzy, I felt confident I could pull this off.

Monday came! The interview was at 2 pm, and the band was to arrive around 1:45. Right before they arrived Chris and I discussed the complex setting of the studio (with all the bras everywhere) and thought it was best I just video the song. (Okay, I can do that)

 When they all got to the studio I found myself rather calm. They were nice guys, all very young and friendly. The first thing they said to me after shaking my hand was "can we get a coffee?"
Right, Coffee. I can do that.
So I ran upstairs and got mugs, and helped everyone make something to drink. I visited with them and we chatted a bit about the tour. It was nice.

When it was time to return to the studio everyone took their places and the interview began. I go the camera ready and waited for them to play their song. But had not started recording yet...

When they got ready to sing, the band manager said to me, "sorry, you are not allowed to tape them singing"
WHAT?? SO I missed the interview, and I can't tape them singing. I began to sweat! And I felt this dull ache in my stomach.
Well done Joelle! The one thing you had to do...pft!

So I started taking still shots that were okay at best. ugh....not great though.

The other thing I learned during this interview is to turn off your texting screen while a band is playing. The screen I use to answer all the texts was up (why would I think to turn it off?)
The problem with this is when a band is playing live, and maybe people are not enjoying how they sound, the listeners will text how much they are NOT enjoying the music clear as day for the band to see/read while they are performing.


All in all it was a good day of learning. No one called to yell after, so I live to see another day! I will just not make eye contact with anyone from work for a while. That will work right?


I am grateful for new bed sheets.

I am grateful for learning experience, growth is always good. As is humble pie, it often tastes bad and hard to choke down but always good for you. 

I am grateful 6 DAYS LEFT!!! I am getting so very excited!

Monday, October 10

Music Monday with a twist!

Today Is Music Monday, and normally I just post songs I have found and like at the moment. But today is a little different, today's song is from a group called The New Cities. It's the band that is opening up for Avril Lavigne tonight here in Edmonton. It's also the group I get to Interview this afternoon with Chris at the radio station.

 I'm really exited!


I am grateful for turkey leftovers.

I am grateful for all the beautiful fall colours.

I am grateful for accomplishments.


Saturday, October 8

My day of being thankful

Today when I got home from the radio station was my day for turkey. It was great. 

Today I am grateful/thankful...

I am thankful for my mom and dad, brother and his girlfriend who all came up to spend thanksgiving with me and the kids. 

I am thankful for my mom who made a big turkey dinner for all of us while I was at work. 

I am thankful for my dad who mowed my lawn, picked all the weeds from my flower bed, organized my shed, cleaned my garbage area by the house and cleaned the cement walk. Your the BEST dad! Thanks!!!

I am thankful for my family who played all day with the kids. 

I am thankful for my clean and organized house! 

I am thankful for a job I like, and makes me feel fulfilled. 

Have a great Thanksgiving! 


Friday, October 7

Going out for breakfast or cleaning the house.

This morning the kids did not have school due to the long weekend for Thanksgiving. 
When everyone was up I asked if they were interested in going to Ikea for breakfast, and picking up a lamp shade. 
The kids, in unison, said (in a whiny tone) Nooo! 

So I said, alright, everyone have a bowel of cereal and we will clean the house. 

blank faced, Ethan says, can I change my answer? 

I just giggled, nope, lets get cleaning. 


I am grateful for good food. 

I am grateful for hair days, Sam at Time out Salon is AMAZING!!!  780-960-3666.

I am grateful for a clean house! The kids did a great job helping me clean. 

I am grateful for radio days!!! 


Wednesday, October 5

My Bucket List dinner party.

In August I had mentioned a few times that I was having a dinner party for a few of my dear friends. I have wanted to have this dinner party for some time. I have dreamed about hosting an evening where I could cook and entertain without help, and do it as a gift for my friends so they could feel how much I love them. What better way to show love, then to fill their bellies and say nice things about them. 

I worked for weeks and weeks on every last detail. I wanted it to be perfect. With the exception of a few hiccups (one of which got me a free dress from Anthropologie because they kept messing up my table clothes, so to keep me happy they told me to pick a dress) things went rather smoothly! The weather was absolutely perfect and so was the company! A few people were unable to make it, but I will do this again soon, and they can come then. 

Two of my guests were photographers, and sent me the pictures that were taken of the was everything I hoped it would be. The night even ended in a game of basketball, so obviously it was perfect!

These were the menus I had made, they were at everyone's spot. 

I did not serve Jam, but I did make the jam myself, and I also picked the berries. They held the place cards so everyone knew where to sit.
This is the goat cheese, strawberry salad with sugared nuts and prosciutto with vinaigrette dressing. 

Mel was organizing the meat and cheese tray for me.

Bruschetta, one of the most perfect things ever invented. 

Smoked Prosciutto wrapped around Asparagus, the second most perfect thing ever!

The evening was wonderful, we all talked and laughed and played Bocci until the clock struck midnight.
Thank you my dear friends for coming to my party. Thank you for allowing me to feed you and show you, the best way I know how, that I love you so very very much. Your friendship, love and support matters so much to me. I am a lucky girl to have people like you in my life!

I have already starting planning for the next one!


I am grateful that my back and my ankle no longer hurt. I was thinking about Physio Guy today and realized how long it has been since I saw him last. Thank you for fixing my broken-ness so well!

I am grateful the laundry does not seem to be reproducing at the rapid rate it often does. 

I am grateful it's only 12 more days!