Thursday, September 15

Thank you Mrs. Fule for my love of books.

I am not a big reader. Never have been. I find reading a challenge. I CAN read (just to be clear) but I mix words up and it takes me forever to get through a book. I like to blame my mother for this, I tell here it's because of smoking and all the heavy drinking she did when pregnant with me. She just scoffs and laughs and says, "No, it's not from that...It's from the drug use"

I do enjoy reading though and when I find a book that captures my attention I find it almost impossible to put down. To the point were I am unable to separate myself from it's magical world. I won't sleep and when I do, I'm dreaming about the book.
Books are wonderful things!

The reason I am going on about books was because I found this the other day in my hope chest down stairs.

 My hope chest is filled with my special things from when I was a child/youth that mean something to me. I have old pictures, love letters from boys, my costume from singing in the '88 Olympic choir,a promise ring, and this spring book. It's hard to read the puffy paint title on the horrific fabric, but trust me, that's what it says Spring Book by Joelle with flowers.

I made this spring book in Grade 5. I made it in Mrs. Fule's class. Mrs. Fule would read to us when we were in her class. I LOVED being read to, I still do. Because I found books challenging I enjoyed listening to her read and tell stories, and the book I enjoyed listening to read the most was called Cowboys Don't Cry by Marilyn Halvarson.

Every class that she read the story, she had my complete attention. I fell in love with this book Mrs. Fule read to us. Well, when spring came around she had us make these Spring books. We were to fill it with things that reminded us of spring.
Then after we finished the books Mrs. Fule awarded us prizes for the best and I won. My first place prize was a copy of Cowboys Don't Cry. MY FAVORITE BOOK!

Funny how I still remember all of that experience. I read and re-read that story about 100 times I had to tape the cover back on.
 I can pinpoint to the exact second in my life, when I fell in love with books. Not all teachers have such lasting influence on every student, but Mrs. Fule did on me.

Later on when I was in High school I had her husband as an English teacher too. And he is, without question, why I enjoy Shakespeare as much as I do. Teachers are amazing people. Thank you both for sparking a love of literature in a little girl!

A small bit of my collection, and I am not even a tad embarrassed to admit I read (and loved) Twilight!

One day I'll tell you about my other most favorite teacher of all time. Mr. Lenox.

Who was the teacher that meant the most to you and why?


I am grateful there are only 34 more days until I leave on my trip to London!!!

I am grateful for Natasha, who, without fail will stay up all hours of each night just to talk to me when I need someone to listen. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

I am grateful for love and support!

I am grateful for comfy pants.



Princess Leah said...

34 days 'til London!!
I am soooooooo excited and jealous!!
If you love books, and Shakespeare, you are going to LOVE London!!
Seriously, I have stuff for you for London, tell me when you are free and I will come bring it out to you.
Ouch! Memorable teachers, I couldn't pick one, I had so many leave impressions on me in so many different ways. Little Stirling School rocked!!

Natasha said...

And you will do the same, usually. I love you, too.

Anonymous said...

Joelle...I too made a Spring Book and I still dig it out occasionally and read it. I also won Cowboys Don't Cry!!! Did you guys do "Doggone Special" when you had Mrs. Fule? She is a wonderful teacher!

Since becoming a teacher myself I have thought about the teachers that inspired me...I have many! Mrs. Pinchbeck, Mrs. Lozeron, Mrs. Fule, Mrs. Peterson.....and many more! Something they all had in common was that they cared, they took the time to get to know their students, I knew I was safe and comfortable in their classes. As I teach I hope to instill the same feelings in my classroom!


Melissa Haavind said... brought back a lot of memories of grade 5! I will have to check and see if I still have my Spring Book!...I am sure there is puffy paint on mine too! hahahaha!

Do you remember when Marilyn Halvarson came to our school?! I was just thrilled!! I know I still have the picture of her signing my bookmark or something.

@ Devon - We did Someone "Berry" Special with Mrs. Fule. And I know I still have that book!