Friday, September 2

Swearing 101

Today the topic of conversation right before dinner time was about the word shit. 

I normally refrain from swearing on my blog, but today you need to understand why we were talking about this word. 

A few days ago I was driving all my kids, and our neighbors son to go get school supplies (remember, it was the worst day I've have in months)... well, on my way to the city I had to pass through a complicated construction zone where they had part of the road blocked off. There were pylons directing traffic but I clearly was not paying close enough attention and started driving down the wrong way. I was fast approaching oncoming traffic and almost hit a car. 
At that moment I might possibly have yelled SHIT! Possibly. No guarantees, but there is a pretty decent probability that that word might have come out of my mouth.

All of my children (and the neighbors boy) were silent. They have never heard me swear. (They actually have they were just to young to remember). After a few moments of awkward silence Ethan says to me "why did you say that?"
I respond, "I'm really sorry, I was upset."  I further explained it's not a good reason to swear because you are upset, but in the interest of time and line space on my blog, just trust I wisely parented him in refraining from saying bad words and assured him he'll go straight to Hell if he ever says any of those bad words.

I say, "It's a silly word anyway, not really bad. It just means poo. Angry poo, really really angry poo."

The truck erupts with laughter. Seth is laughing so hard he is snorting. 
ANGRY POO! Why would someone yell ANGRY POO?!

I am giggling now too, "ya, I don't really know why buddy, we just do. People are silly."

So tonight something happened and the children all started yelling, ANGRY POO. The actual swear word is forgotten all I hear is ANGRY POO amongst the snorting and giggles now. 

I absolutely love my kids!


I am grateful for the beginning of the countdown to my trip.  47 days!  

And actually, 27 more days until my birthday.  ** Ahem... ahem... ahem ** 27 more days until my birthday.  

I am grateful for how excited I am for my clients to have their baby soon.  I'm really looking forward to being part of another birth.

I am also grateful that there is only 1 day left until I'm back at the radio station.



Anonymous said...

Fiona says:
I know and respect that everyone has their own opinion as to the right way to parent their children with respect to "swear words" so here is mine for what its worth...I don't sweat the small stuff...and that includes "swear words". From the age of birth, Paige has been taught that there are certain words that are "adult words" not swear or bad words but "adult words" and could she please refrain from using them as she has yet to become an adult. Because really, its adults that have socialized these words as bad. As long as she is not "damning" anyone or using the Lord's name in vain - to me, it's all good because those are truly our family's swear words and those will be the ones to have consequences if improperly used. The sin is reacting in anger - regardless of the word used and I am certain He is not concerned if you say "darn it" versus "shit". Having said all that as we are human and will sin I would prefer Paige to say "shit" than "Jeez" as many kids are apt to do - but angry poop is even better! (I actually am going to try to incorporate that into my day at some point as unfortunately at work it will be easy to do so). Granted, I would like neither, especially in public, but again, am not likely to blow a wheel for the use of 'socialized' swears. I understand some feel that it is a lack of vocabulary or that its lazy to revert to the use of a "swear" word but as can be evidenced in Joelle's case - really sometimes there is no better fitting word and regardless of the word you choose, you are essentially using it as a swear word or angry word so does it really matter? Now, in contradiction, I don't appreciate nor will (in my presence) Paige be allowed to punctuate or pepper her sentences with "vulgarity". But if she is to stub her toe and scream in pain "shit!", I'm likely not going to bat an eye - regardless of her age.

Princess Leah said...

Love it!! I'm gonna start using that one!!
Good one Joelle!

Tanya said...

Hahahahaha! Love it!

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Unfortunately, my kids have heard me swear HUNDREDS of times... *hangs head in shame* However, We take Fiona's view... we tell our kids that words like "shit" are words only Adults are allowed to use. I tell them that there is a time and a place for words like that, and they aren't yet old enough to know the difference. Once they are adults, they can say whatever they want... they will know when to use them, then. Although, our "rude words" include things like "hate" "Stupid" "shut up" etc. Not just conventional swear words. lol I figure they'll, in their own time, figure out which ones are the really bad ones!! lol
Joelle, you crack me up!! haha Angry Poo. Good one!! ♥