Tuesday, September 27

Some days are better than others.

I love this new "chapter" in life. It's so exciting to see what I will be feeling in the next 60 minutes I can't help but feel like the emotional equivalent of the Alberta weather patterns.
"Just wait 5 minutes and it will change"

Some days I am calm and happy, then in the blink of a phone conversation, or text message furiously angry in the tripod position heaving breath and ready to fight.

It's so exciting! I do have a few constants in my life and for them I am grateful. My one supportive bra, good and caring friends, and my never failing one phone call away from a belly laugh friend.

Life is still good.

My other constant is the radio. Every Saturday and Sunday I walk through the doors and literally leave my pile of emotional baggage on the step. It sadly does not ever go play in traffic and get hit by a truck, but at least for 8 hours a day I am free of stress and worry. In that tiny control room it's just me, Chris, 2 mics and a lot of laughs. Sprinkle in the occasional song or two and it's a good time!

This past weekend Chris and I had a (few) special quests come in. Crazy how it happened. I received a text from a listener saying there was a accordion festival  happening in Edmonton, and both Chris and I perked right up and said "can you come down?"

Austin came don and played for us.

I even gave it a try, but that sucker is hard and you have to really yank on it to get it working...That's what she said!

Over all it was a good weekend. 

I also had two ladies come in with home made Lip Balm for me to try. 
You can find her at  www.kiss-this-lips.com (FYI) DO NOT FORGET THE DASHES!!!!! 
I think the lip balm was wonderful!!! 

I am grateful for the meal Annie brought my family tonight. Thank you my dear!

I am grateful for pretty colours, and soft pillows. 

I am grateful for music and for almost 8 hours of sleep last night!!!!!



Natasha said...

Speaking of forgetting the "dashes" (hyphens), your never-failing-one-phone-call-away-from-a-belly-laugh friend wants you to know that should be hyphenated. Hee hee.

That accordion makes you look twelve years old. You should wear it all the time.

Talk to you in the morning, my dear. Mwah.

(Now because it's only 10pm for ME, I'm off to scour the world wide web for where I can get me the cheapest accordion.)

I don't know if that's racist or not so I'm not leaving my name. said...

And it makes you look Asian.

Natasha said...

It should say "this" instead of "that" because what I was about to say FOLLOWED the statement. But I didn't remember that when I left the comment. It's all so confusing.

Natasha said...

Crap! I left my name! Now you know who wrote the second comment!

Totally anonymous said...

Natasha is an idiot and should go to bed.

Natasha said...

(Actually, Anon, it was all deliberate. An attempt to make Joelle laugh when she wakes up.)

Totally, utterly anonymous said...

Whatever, dummy. Ur stoopid and not funny and everyone knows you're a bad influence on Joelle.

Natasha said...

You know what, Anonymous? I'm too mature to engage you in this silly flame war on my best friend's blog. She's been going through a hard time for a while now and doesn't need this kind of drama. So, I'll just politely say that I'm quite sure that your face looks like ground meat and your mother wishes you were never born and that if we ever bump into each other in person, after covering the point of contact with hand sanitizer, I will take your meat face and make myself a cheeseburger with bacon and mushrooms. And eat it. You soulless jackhole cheese-footed bum wipe. That said, I don't want any drama and I'd appreciate it if you spoke more kindly on my friend's blog. And anyway, you don't even know me so I don't think it's right for you to judge me as you have.

Mel said...

Wow Natasha, That was actually scary. lol

Love the accordion Joelle. You never really know how big those suckers are until you get one on your lap.....

TheRealSlimKatie said...

OMGoodness!! I was in need of a giggle this morning, and I KNEW this was the place to go!! Natasha, I wish I had a never-failing-one-phone-call-away-from-a-belly-laugh friend... Joelle is a lucky gal! You sound like so much fun, (on your good side, anyway!!)
Joelle, I'm sorry you're on this roller coaster, but I'm sure you'll survive the ride, unscathed. Get yourself one of those fancy accordions and write yourself some songs... you've already got a foot in the door as far as Air Time goes... (^_^)