Wednesday, September 14

How girls find style!

Today was an exciting day here, today Nora went to preschool for the first time.
I had never bothered with preschool for the boys, mostly because there was no way they would have been interested or ready that young.

But Nora is different. I think (in my experience) girls are a little more mature for the "school setting" at this age then boys (mine anyway). Plus, Nora is alone a lot during the day with the boys in school full time. She was such a trooper last year tolerating the 4 hour drive each day for this year she gets to do something special. PRESCHOOL!

This morning when the boys got ready for school, Nora had a bath and combed her hair. I told her she had to go into her room and get dressed because today is a special day and she is going to get her picture taken when she gets to school.I showed her a few things that might be OK and I left her to figure it out.

After about 20 minutes this is what she came down in.

I tried and tried (in a very lovingly way) to suggest maybe something else for today. But she would have no part of it. At first I was actually a little bothered, I was worried what the others moms might think/say. Then I got to thinking, I don't want her to ever doubt herself. If she is comfortable, happy, and likes what she has on, who am I to say anything to her. I always let her pick out her own clothes, why would today be any different, just because of what someone I don't even know might think...pft!
Then after another 20 minutes she went upstairs and changed into this. She actually said "I need more pink and red today"

 I am thrilled with the outfit. And I am even more thrilled with the smile she has on her beautiful little face in the outfit! And I'll just say now, you are welcome world, I am preparing a girl who will make her choices based on what she wants and not because of others. (Well I'm trying anyway.)
This is a good start! 

Bravo my girl, Bravo! I could not be more proud!

Ooh I forgot to show you the shoes she picked for her indoor footwear....

Ya, I know. Speechless right!


I am grateful for this little creature, and for the lessons I learn from her in my life.

I am grateful for my dentist who is helping me fix this constant clenched jaw of mine. 

I am grateful for an early bed time tonight. 


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