Wednesday, September 7

Helping with baby number 38

I think I have mentioned it before, that I am a Labour and Delivery Doula. It has been a full year since I helped deliver a baby, so I have not talked about it in a while... until today.
Just to recap - a Doula is a labour support person. I get hired by couples to help them with support before, during and shortly after the birth of their child.  I also teach childbirth education classes in the clients home.
I love being a Doula.  Because I am really busy with other things, I only take a few clients a year. It's long and hard work. Women can be in labour for days. So it's sometimes a huge time commitment - but always worth it. It never gets old for me. I am still just as amazed when I see a new life come into the world as I was the first time.

Today I helped a couple welcome into the world this little creature.

Because I never talk about my clients, you sadly won't find out any details (but they did give me permission for these photos).

Practically perfect in every way!

So I am now off to bed. It has been a very long day and night and I am exhausted.


I am grateful for the wonderful gift I have been given by these families who allow me to be a part of this amazing moment with them. I am truly blessed to be allowed to share this.

I am grateful I never get bored with the wonder of life.

I am grateful for my very comfortable bed.


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Mel said...

Great job, and congrats to the new parents!