Thursday, September 1

The first day of school, the way we do EVERYTHING!

The first day of school is exciting for everyone, myself included.
I leaped out of bed and showered and began getting lunches packed then started special breakfast for the kids. 
The entire time I kept thinking how grateful I am that I no longer have to drive Seth 4 hours every day to and from school (I did that all last year so he could get help with his speech. It was worth every single second of my time, but I am glad I don't need to do that drive this year!)
No more traffic, construction, or snow covered roads. This year he walks the 100 steps with the older boys to school!!!! YAHOOOO!!!

The morning was going well, the children were happy then it happened.

Gabe started screaming downstairs in the living room. Ethan was standing beside him saying sorry while holding the Nerf gun.

Ethan shot him in the eye with a bullet that had Velcro on the tip.

Now, once again I will remind my audience that Drew is a trained Paramedic and once upon a time I was an EMT. Trained professionals we are! Because years of experience has taught me (and the last situation with Nora) Drew and I do NOT work well together in these types of situations, I purposefully chose to stay upstairs while Drew sprinted down the stairs to see what was wrong... even without my involvement, lets just say it was not exactly smooth. 

I in no way should be surprised that the first day of school would involve a trip to the emergency, and yet I am. The day also involved Seth getting bit on the leg by a dog (not really badly, but enough that it broke the skin, left a bruise and added to our list of follies for the day). 

For me one of the highlights was getting my first paycheck in 10 years from Little Italy, then I got to go to the 102.3 NOW station for some training; I got to see Mr. Adam too. I love being in the control room,  I can't wait for the weekend again! (Have I mentioned I'm on at 8am both Saturday and Sunday! In case you hadn't heard yet)

All in all the day was good. Normal for us, in a sick and twisted way, but good.  The boys were happy with their classes and teachers and I'm gratefully we only have one scratched cornea that might require an eye patch. I am looking forward to another fantastic year for everyone. 

My very handsome boys! I am so proud!



I am grateful for school.

I am grateful for the quality of education offered in our little town.

I am so grateful our neighbors boy was not actually lost today. We love him dearly and are glad he just forgot to tell everyone where he went. Because when you asked him why he was lost he said "I wasn't, I knew where I was going."
So cute!

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TheRealSlimKatie said...

Wowie!! I see You, Dawson and Drew (in order from oldest to youngest) in the pic of your boys!!!! They are all very handsome! Sorry about the Velcro dart!! What were they thinking at NERF??!! Musta been a bad day in the think tank!! DUH!!