Thursday, September 29

Helpful fractions!

Being a grown up can suck sometimes. For those of you who like fractions, and really , who doesn't love a good fraction now and then?
I'd say being a grown up sucks 2/7 th's of the time.

Tonight after a long day of:
-Having to buy all three boys new shoes today because some how ALL of them had shoes that were too small this morning?
-Paying more for my truck that was just fixed.
-Missing my meeting with my boss.
-Talking to the bank about things way beyond my maturity level.
-Sorting a small issue.
-Having to pee so bad I almost wet myself
-Nora tearing down my neighbors shelf that was attached to her wall and ruining the drywall.

....I spoke to my boss on the phone about what was going to be spoken about in my meeting with him. (that I missed)

Sigh....what a nice way to end a rather rough day. And I am so sorry I am not able to write about it now, but I promise its good. If you can, listen on Saturday...I'll share this weekend!


I am grateful for practical things like fractions that help get my points across on my blog.

I am grateful Keira dd not yell at Nora, and was very loving. Although I would have turned a blind eye if you had lost it on her!

I am grateful for music, and how helpful It is for me when I feel on the edge of insanity! Thank you Ingrid Michaelson!

I am grateful for a good sleep and a new day!



melanie Secretan said...

I am thankful I get to read things you are thankful for. you really do put things into perspective. Thanx, and have a GREAT weekend!

Anonymous said...

hope this works...