Tuesday, August 30

Top 10 things I could have done without today.

Here is a list of the top 10 things I could have done without today.

Funny how on days like today, these horrible things don't get spread out over the span of a week. Making them more manageable, no, they come all together in one special day from hell gift wrapped in dog poo with a side order of suck!

10- Waking up to a lingering period. Back ache, sore legs, and headache. Also, I  have put on some of the weight I had lost so some of my pretty clothes don't fit the same right now. Always a nice way to start any day.

9-Having to do back to school shopping for the 3 boys in one day. This is unpleasant at the best of times, and made more enjoyable with a three year old diva tagging along pulling everything off the shelves she can get her hands on.

8-The weather being 24 degrees out. It was beautiful and we had to stay indoors all day shopping.

7-Children fighting in a truck. OOOH MY HECK! Why can they not get along for a few hours?!

6-West Edmonton mall. Why on earth did I take 5 children to the mall 2 days before school started?? The boys were not bad, but Nora would run away every chance she had. Also an exciting addition she would hide in the clothes racks and not answer me when I called for her.

5-Starving children at West Edmonton mall. They could not be hungry at home when I offered to make sandwiches, nope they all develop paralyzing hunger where lines are 50 people deep.

6-The phenomenon called instant full bladder. This never happens all together (like the hunger) it happens one at a time and in the most inconvenient of places. Like when there is no bathroom in sight? WTH?
Like this day could not get more difficult...

5-My doctors appointment for my "lady business" and running late for it.

4-Because of the experience I had in my last "lady appointment" when Nora opened the door to the room I was in smack in the middle of my exam, I decided to leave all the children in the waiting room. I figured this was not the greatest choice, but I had no other options (Sam was going to watch the kids for me during my appointment) but because I was late it didn't work out. Leaving them in the waiting room was not ideal, but it was only for a few minutes...what could go wrong?

3-Being naked from the waist down with a tissue paper blanket covering me, while waiting for my Dr. with my feet in stirrups and hearing the calming and tranquil sounds of my children running around and Nora screaming outside the room I was in. I was so angry, I got off the table quickly put my clothes back on and went out to correct my children.

2-When I got out to the waiting room to my surprise there was a man in an Orange shirt yelling at my children "SIT HERE AND STOP BEING SUCH AWFUL CHILDREN" Shocked and embarrassed I walked over to interrupt his next tirade of "JUST TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CHILDREN, IF YOU WERE MY KIDS...."
I just stood in front of him red faced and unbelievably angry. Why could he not just have been kind?
I wanted to just cry, and say I am doing my best here buddy!

1-I sat the children down (they could see how upset I was) said this was an important appointment for me and could you please just be quiet for a few more minutes? They all agreed and promised they would be good. I turned around to go back to my tissue paper blanket humiliation when the old woman sitting at the end of the row says to me as I walk by. "A better mother would have more control and better disciplined children... that's just shameful".

Thanks lady, I needed that.


I am grateful tomorrow is a new day, and that there is a pretty decent chance days like this don't happen back to back. But I could be wrong.
Fingers crossed!



Percy2626 said...

How awful! I'm sure that lady's children were *cough* "perfect little angels", as she didn't have any!!!! What a rude thing to say. I can understand the man telling them to sit down, but he could have left the rest out.

Oh, the stories you'll be able to tell at their weddings! Especially Nora's!!!!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is right away and you'll mostly have the house to yourself. You and Nora should get your nails done, or some other such girly bonding thing while the boys are at school the first day or two!!!

Best of luck for Tuesday.

P.S. My word verification for this is "madyst" Maybe that's a word to describe the kind of day you just had!

Mel said...

Oh Joelle, I'm sorry for your crappy day :( I'm sure that lady's children are actually cats... she's the smelly cat lady...
I have no idea why people have the need to say stuff like that to people, it's not even helpful!

Natasha said...

Wish I could have been there to tear a strip off of those idiots. I've never seen people behave that way before. And your kids don't look like uncared-for raggamuffins. If I saw kids like that, I would have thought they were just having an off day. And I would have been HELPFUL. It's a good thing you have such a strong personality to not take that crap personally. Didn't feel great, but you know that you and your kids were not the real problem there.

Amanda Adams said...

WOW! It must have been amazing for you to have been surrounded by parenting "greatness" right there in the doctors office. People are unbelievable!!!!

Noel said...

Sometimes I really wish someone would say something like that to me.

Amy said...

What is it with people & medical offices? Happens to me there too.
Yet another time where the "Weekend at Bernies" quote is totally applicable!!!
BTW...I would love to see Noel handle a situation like that too. But somehow I can't see anyone trying to mess with a big bald guy. ;)

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Oh, Joelle, that's awful! I'm glad you don't take it to heart... I would be crushed and probably have lost my cool at the "Smelly Cat Lady" Haha Mel's right you know... most women who say things like that don't even have kids!! If they did, they might be a little more understanding. YOU are a GREAT mom from where I stand. Keep being YOU!! ♥

Tanya said...

Aww that is just awful. I don't know why people expect children to be robots. People should try being kind once in a while instead of judging.