Thursday, August 18

Sleep walk peeing

Last night I stayed up a little later getting a few bits done around the house. When I was done I went to bed and just as I laid down I heard someone (one of the boys, who will remain nameless) get up and walk down the stairs into the bathroom. That would not be a big deal normally but all the boys are sleeping upstairs until Drew finishes working on the house, so the upstairs bathroom is much closer. 

I got out of bed and followed him downstairs to see what he was up to. He went into the bathroom, turned on the light and started peeing, except I was confused, because it looked an awful lot like he was peeing in the garbage. And not only was he peeing in the garbage, he was swaying side to side so some would splash on my wall and some on the toilet (but the majority went into the garbage can).  I did not want to say something and startle him (I figured he was sleepwalking - all of our boys do) so I let him finish and just giggled to myself. 

He walked up the stairs and I said "boy - why did you pee in my garbage?" He just stared at me, said nothing and walked back up the stairs and climbed into bed. 

I decided to clean it up in the morning; I was tired. 
When we all woke up I spoke to him about the night before. 
He did not remember anything, but giggled all day about it. "Really?" he would say, "I really peed in the garbage?"

Lucky lady who will one day get him!


I am grateful for funny children. 

I am grateful for Lysol wipes. 

I am grateful that this is possibly getting even better then I first thought!


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Amy said...

We've had plenty of pee incidents here...garbage, bathtub, bedroom door, toy box in brother's room, baby's crib. I know it's not the same since our little guy has trouble with seizure activity & becomes easily disoriented, but he keeps us on our toes.

Actually, it could even happen when my 4 year old is awake during the day!