Wednesday, August 3

Oprah and her great ideas.

On one of the days while we were in B.C. I picked up an Oprah magazine. I was interested in one of the articles that was displayed on the front and figured it would be a nice light read for on the beach.
After devouring over half of the magazine, soaking up everything Oprah so thoughfully wrote to me personally, knowing how much I needed to hear it (very thoughtful of her) Sam and I found the article on making a Vision Board.

The way I understood the concept of a vision board was simple; you make a collage of pictures and words that mean something to you personally. You find pictures of things you want; things you want to become, places you want to go and display them for yourself so you can look at it (daily) and be inspired (in a nut shell). 

The weather (in Chase) had not been great at night after the children were in bed, often getting rather cold and raining, which left our evenings open. So we decided to start working on our own vision boards. I looked at it as a visual bucket list of sorts. We went back to the store, bought a ton of magazines and glue and began ripping and cutting. The advice that was given was to look for words and pictures that move you. You might not know why that word or image moves you, but when you look at it and you feel something (good), put it on your board.

It has taken me almost 5 days, but I have finished my vision board. 

Here it is...

LET ME EXPLAIN SOMETHING FIRST - The picture on the left side of the statement "Rock the Boat" is not a breast. It is a piece of wood. I have wanted a cake stand made out of maple for a little over a year now. It is NOT a woman's breast. I repeat, NOT a breast. Just to be clear before you start writing me long detailed concerned letters or show up on my doorstep because you are worried about me. 

I'd like to take a moment and explain some of the pictures and words on my vision board and what they mean to me, so you can get to know me that much more.  To those of you who could care less and don't want to know more about me, scroll down to the gratitude's.

There are two pictures of Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake on my vision board.  I'm not interested in Mila, but yes I will happily take Justin Timerblake.  To skip all formalities and make it easier for him, Yes Justin I will marry you.  No, but seriously, I liked how these two pictures made me feel and I want a relationship of mine to be like them; in the one image they want to tear each others clothes off (I'm obviously interested in that) and in the other they are laughing and clearly enjoying each other's company.  I shouldn't assume that that is the goal of everyone's relationship, but that is the ideal for me.

On my vision board I have four globes, representing travel for me.

Jamie Oliver and his stone oven is smack in the middle - I want to one day own a stone oven; I want this more than words can express.  This is the one single worldly item that I desire more than any other.  It even beats out the pair of Jimmy Choo's that I want to one day own.
And I'd like to one day meet Mr. Oliver.  In London.  At his restaurant.  When I go in October.

At the top of the board in kind of a ransom note sort of style I have "J Believe the Voice Within".  Sometimes that inner voice gets stifled with competing exterior noise and worldly pressure. I'm working harder at listening to what that voice tells me because when I do listen to it, amazing things happen for me.

There is a picture of my bridge in New York close to the bottom left above the word Passion.  This bridge was magical to me in a way that I don't understand when I first saw it in New York.  So when I saw it in a magazine when I happened to be working on a vision board I thought that was pretty amazing.  I don't know why, but it's on my vision board.

There is a basket of sporting equipment beside the woman who is meditating.  I've been working on meditation and I try to stretch and meditate every day.  And the equipment is to remind myself of my first true love and how I need to get back to playing more sports (basketball specifically); it makes me happy and clears my head like nothing else I have tried.

The picture of the African woman on the far left is obvious - I want an African woman.  Just kidding.  I would love to go to Africa one day.  After Europe, Australia and Africa are the two places I would like to go visit next.

I would love to learn to play chess (the picture is above the word Orgasm).  And for the record, I have had many, many, many Orgasms I just think that word should be on every woman's vision board.

The picture of the table set with the tomatoes in the middle is because I want more dinner parties.  I want dinner parties to be a regular thing in my home.  I want people to feel how much I love them when they come to my house for a dinner party.  Food and friends.

I think that's about all.  If there are any questions of anything else on my vision board that you would like me to explain, feel free to comment and ask.  I'd love to tell you.

I found this project rather enjoyable. I believe in visual reminders and I think the positive words and statements will help with this new chapter of my life. Well at least I hope they will anyway.



I am grateful for the unexpected visitors tonight - it was wonderful to catch up with you ladies.  Thanks for the walk and the laugh.  And thank you for my magnet present.  It's perfect and I love it.

I am grateful that my washing machine and dryer work so well now, to assist with the eight bagillion loads of laundry that I have to do.

I am grateful for life and all it's beautiful twists and turns.  

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Percy2626 said...

I did something similar to this years ago at a parenting group. I still have it. It is really cool to look at and see which of the things have actually come to pass since making the board. Still working on getting a personal chef though! :D