Wednesday, August 10

Only 3 years later!

The renovations in my house that were started a few years ago (some as long as 7 years ago) are finally getting done. Drew has promised me that it is time I get to live in a finished house. He said he is only deciding this because I threatened to "accidently" run him over with my truck if they go unfinished one more day. He chooses the word "threaten"; I would prefer the word "inspire".

Regardless of the details of wording, potatoes patatoe... he is eagerly working to finish these undone projects before my upcoming dinner party and the beginning of the next school year. 

I am really excited to report job number one is finished!

This pole encased some electrical wires - it was a quick fix to pass a social services inspection when we were doing foster care for that special little girl that stayed with us.  I hate this pole.  I run into it, my toes hit it and it's wrecked a few of my shirts when I've walked too close.  I HATE THIS POLE.

Drew removed the pole, next is to take care of a few wires.

Ta da! Not only is the pole gone but now I have a plug in in the end of my island!  
See ladies, inspiring words do work! It's true, you do get more flies with honey... or a 5,000lb Yukon.



I am grateful/really excited for this dinner party.  I know, I know you are sick of hearing about it without actually getting details but how I envisioned it is really coming to fruition.

I am really grateful for friends that brought home peaches from BC for me.  I have an awful lot of canning to do in the next few days!

I am grateful all of Drew's hard work on the house.  I joke, but it means a lot that he is finishing this house for me.  FINALLY.  

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