Friday, August 26

One day until air time!

One day left! Saturday morning I do my first morning stint as a co-host with Chris Love for 102.3 NOW radio at 8 am....

I think it is fair to say I am getting a little nervous. I feel like a mix of 10 emotions right now, all fighting for supremacy in my chest and stomach. Anxiety just gave self doubt a solid upper cut and is now giving fear a chock-hold while biting confidence's ear.

Anxiety is winning right now.

I am trying to use breathing techniques I learned from Dawson to calm myself down a little, it's been helping a lot, until I do anything other than breath. So...maybe not so much.

I am going to finish off this day as best I can. Get a good sleep (hopefully) and do my very best-est Saturday morning.
I will post the link if any of you want to watch. Please keep heckling to a minimum the first day, okay?


I am grateful for bedtime.

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