Tuesday, August 16

My day with Italian sausage. I'm not very mature.

Today I was working at the resturant and on the menu was Italian sausage. When I arrived we prepared all the Panini's, fixed garlic bread, chopped salad, and cooked the sausage. 

I am an immature pervert!

Gerry (my boss and the owner) put the sausage in front of me and began cutting them up into thirds, told me to watch and then I needed to finish.... and that's were the one liners began and just seemed to never end. 

Gerry: They are rather large, too large so cut them in thirds.
Sick perverted me: They don't look too big to me, I could handle it whole.
Mel and I begin snickering.

Customer: I love Italian sausage, I'll take the biggest one you have in there.
Sick perverted me: I agree - bigger is always better; size does matter!
Mel and I continue our giggling...

Mel: So Joe, I'm excited for your upcoming trip to Italy.
Sick perverted me: I am too if this is what I have to look forward to.

OOh make me stop!!! I am just horrible. 

Thank goodness I had other things to distract me today at work. These were brought in from the Italian bakery: 

Long things covered in cream and chocolate... Ya I know, I am just despicable!



I am grateful for the sweet lady that let me pick more raspberries to make yellow raspberry jam. 

I am grateful the boys hated being grounded so much they eagerly helped clean up and do chores!

I am grateful Italian sausage will be served again tomorrow.  Dirty perverted me round 2!


Mel said...

Oh and don't even get me started on the meatballs... LOL

J said...

We are pigs, and that is why we have stayed friends after all these years!

Natasha said...

Meatballs! Two at a time!