Monday, August 8

Living with a three year old Diva and Music Monday.

This weekend I found Nora urinating out side on the step. I wish this was the first time I have found a child of mine using my lawn as a toilet, but is not.
A few years ago Seth actually pooped outside on my lawn. So it was no surprise to me that she was doing this. What did surprise me was her response to me when I spoke to her about it.

Me: Nora, what are you doing?
N: I am peeing mom!
Me: Ya, I see that, why are you doing that?
N: I was bustin, *said while rolling her eyes at me and wobbling her head (busting is an English term for having to pee really badly)
Me: I figured you had to pee, I am asking why are you doing it outside. You should be using the potty upstairs like a nice girl.
N: With her hand on her hip and her head tilted to the side, "I was bored with that, I wanted to try something new".

Well pardon me.

I get to go back this week and keep practicing at the radio station with Chris, I hope I have some exciting news to share with you by the end of the week!!!

So for Music Monday I have a few gems for ya!

Maroon 5-Moves like Jagger

And because Micheal Buble is playing in Edmonton this week, and sadly I do not have tickets to go see him...sigh... I will play my favorite songs of his to enjoy and pretend I am there.


I am grateful Kelly came up to visit us this weekend. I have missed her so much and I have wanted to hear all about her trip to China. 

I am grateful for all the home reno stuff that is getting done. Drew said he wants me to live in a finished house. That is very kind and I am grateful for all the work he has been doing.

I am grateful my dinner party is getting closer, I have been working on the menu this weekend and getting really excited.

I am grateful for small distractions.


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Mel said...

Ya gotta say I'm pretty pouty about not going to Buble too. I thought I would be ok with not going this time but I'm not... I think it's worse knowing what I'm missing out on. Next time we are going!!
YAY for Drew finishing the house!! (**cough** finally cough**) ;)