Thursday, August 4

Laundry laundry and a radio station.

Today was day two of catching up on all the laundry from our holidays. Honestly, I am shocked at how much there is to do AFTER the vacation is over. Once again, I would like to make a public apology to my mother for all the years of work she did for Dawson and I and I did not help at all. 

But I did get to go into the radio station today for my practice. I love working with Chris, he is so nice. I go in again tomorrow too, fingers crossed.


I am grateful for a movie with friends. It was good to see the Brits tonight, Sam's sister is visiting and I have not seen them in a few days. And today is their 1 year anniversary of being in Canada!!! Congrats guys! 

I am grateful for how patient Chris has been through this process. I am learning lots and working hard. 

I am grateful for sunny days, and heading to the beach. 


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Emma said...

Oh, I missed saying Hello!