Monday, August 22

Last few finishing touches...

Tonight is my dinner party with friends. I am really excited and cannot wait to share everything that happens. I feel alive getting ready for this; I love doing things from my bucket list and am finding that it does not matter whether it's a big thing or a little thing off my list, I feel the same excitement and joy when doing them all.  The only part about tonight I am a wee sad about is that a few of my dearest friends were unable to make it, so rest assured I will have another in the not too distant future to celebrate you too.

For this Music Monday I am going to give you a small taste of my dinner party. These are a few of the songs on my "dinner party play list" that will be serenading us all night.

Have a great week, I am really looking forward to mine!


I am grateful for the weather forecast for my party! 

I am grateful for my in-laws who are taking the kids for the night!!!! 

I am grateful for wonderful friends to celebrate!


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Mel said...

Oh Joelle, I am so excited for this dinner party!! I'm sure it will be a fantastic evening!