Thursday, August 11

How canning peaches is like childbirth...

Today I literally ran the entire day. I did errands, picked up groceries, finished a few things I needed to do for the dinner party, got the oil changed, got my truck fixed...holy cow it was a busy day. 

Then something kind of huge happened, a little touch of magic.

While I was driving home from my busy day my cell phone rang. It was the owner of NOW radio, my friend Mark. He was calling to tell me that a group of rather important people had listened to all the demo tapes I had done (that is what I am doing when I go "practice" at the station with Chris). My heart stopped. 
I slowly asked, so, what did they think?
He said they liked it! And that the next step is me getting on air in the next little while! He said other things I either can't remember or I will down play because that's how I am.

I almost swerved off the road! He just told me they liked what they heard?!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!

This is actually going to happen! Really, truly, actually going to happen!

When I got home, I unloaded the truck, started dinner for the kids, all in a haze. My mind was in a blur of excitement. 
I kept replaying my conversation with Mark over in my head..."they liked what they heard" "I'm going to actually be ON AIR"
I was starting to feel my throat tighten up and I began to cry. My hands were still shaking from the initial phone call. I was completely overwhelmed in that moment. I did it! 

(In that very second I learned that I need never worry about this position of being a "walk on radio host" or "actually being on air" ever getting to my head. Because while I was basking in my own personal accomplishment for those brief moments my children were (in unison) screaming demands at me).
Ethan wanted to have pop with dinner, and why does he NEVER get pop?
Gabe wanted to eat pizza on the floor so he could watch the movie that was on so could I get him a napkin?. 
Seth was yelling something, but I could not make out what it was about. 
And then of course Nora was hollering at me to wipe her bum!


But they are kids,they don't care...they will forever keep me humble!

So I spent the majority of the evening alone, canning peaches and getting burns on my hands and feet. It was a nice night.
I found myself smiling about my day, and laughing at the comment made tonight about how canning peaches is like childbirth. 
It's painful, hard work and not lots of fun. But the end result is fantastic and in a few months you'll forget all the bad stuff and want to do it again.
So very true.

I am so very excited for what lies ahead of me, and ever so grateful for this opportunity. 

Thank you for seeing value in me!


I am grateful for how this accomplishment makes me feel about myself.

I am grateful for supportive people in my life who cheer me on, encourage and love me. I am a very lucky girl.

I am grateful for how my children keep me humble. And I am grateful to be a mom. I joke often about how much trouble they cause, but I am the woman I am because of them. The gift of motherhood is not a gift every woman gets, and that miracle is not lost on me.



Princess Leah said...

Love You!!

Percy2626 said...

Super awesome! I love how that is all wrapped up in a title about Peaches and childbirth!!! Can't wait to hear you on the radio again. Good luck, you'll be awesome as usual! :D

Emma said...