Tuesday, August 9

Headed to the movie, wound up at the Michael Buble concert!

Dear sweet fate, I could kiss you tonight, and maybe even with a little tongue!

Tonight after I finished teaching my child birth education class I was headed to a movie with English Sam and her sister who is over with her family to visit. The three of us were excited to get out and go see Bridsmaids (which I have already seen but would go again because it was so stinking funny).

Before we got to the theater we had to make a stop at Winners to pick up a few bits for my up coming dinner party. I was sitting in the back of the truck thinking about what I needed to get.  I do not remember what we were chatting about when Sam mentioned she had found 3 Michael Buble tickets for tonights concert on Kijiji earlier in the day, but they were already spoken for. She went on to say how the man told her if the people decided against them he would contact her. 

This is where is gets a little creepy...

Out of no where Sam's phone rings. 
She said she did not recognize the number so she hit the silence button.
I am not sure why, but I said, "what if it's the guy for the Buble tickets?"
She grabbed her phone, and to all of our utter shock, the man had texted Sams phone before calling asking how close we were to the stadium.

My heart began to pound and I held my breath as she dialed his number.
She called him back and sure enough, the first people backed out, and now he was offering them to us.  Three tickets happend upon us. Ooh Sweet Fate!

Sam pulled the truck over, got into the back seat and I got in the front and sped off to the stadium. 
She worked out all the details to get the tickets while Sams sister Jen just kept saying" is this really happening?"
I drove like a mad woman, but kept all traffic laws. And even if I didn't it was the Englishman's truck, so he'll get the ticket not me! ha ha!

It was already 8:30 and Mr. Buble was to go on by 9pm.  I did not want to miss one single second of him. I saw him when he came to Edmonton a few years ago...he is more then worth a silly speeding ticket!
We arrived with 10 minutes to spare, found the woman with the golden tickets and we went in. The seats were amazing, I could not believe our luck. I took pictures of us with the tickets, amazed still at what had just happened. 

Still very much in shock over everything. With my drink in hand I waited as my heart pounded.

And then he arrived.... 

For those of you who are only reading this and have not yet yourself experienced Michael Buble in concert my heart breaks for you, and I mean that.

He is wildly entertaining, make you throw your head back roaring in laughter funny, his dance moves and stage presence are like watching a figure skater on ice, not to mention his voice...ooh his voice. 

Sultry, seductive and ever so sensual. This man has got his craft mastered. He glides across the stage in his perfectly fitting suit, and sensational shoes conducting his mini orchestra to the sexually charged lyrics that he so gently thrusts into the ears of thousands of us who are completely at the edge of our seats in a trance like state hungry, very eager and ready, just begging for more. 

His passion and soul are so raw and honest in his performances that I cried when he thanked us for coming. I felt his gratitude and his humility and I believed that it was his pleasure.  I do think he was crying when he sang to us without using the mic at the end, and I know my eyes were not the only ones wet while listening to him.

Thank you again Michael Buble, for an amazing evening, and thank you for not forgetting to sing my favorite songs. 

Thank you fate, and thank you stupid people who gave up these seats!


I am so grateful for exciting things that seem to happen to me. They keep my life interesting and exciting.

I am so grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Buble. your son is fantastic, and you should be very proud!

I am grateful that I got to see Michael Buble tonight! 



Natasha said...

That is very awesome. Sounds like something that would happen to me, lately! Maybe our luck has all changed!

Tracy said...

Only can say WOW! Jealous but happy for you. Very jealous.